Diminished Interest?

It seems many people aren’t very interested in the server. What can we do to get some of that interest back?

I don’t see there being a lot of interest ever coming back to this server… As its been stated before in other threads, this was a server that was very heavily focused on community. Seeing as how a playercount of 20 is doing great for us, we just don’t have the kind of community needed to support such a playerworld… That’s my belief, anyways.

GroundHog Day, Starring Bill Murray

I’ve been working on a bunch of stuff offline, gonna get around to uploading the systems either tomorrow or saturday.

Ziplock was saying something about trying to contact older players individually and see if they can be at least convinced to try it and then with hopefully more players on/around, people start to stick around

It’s not always online so players find other places to go. I’m always on Bomber Arena after work.

its not the servers people are losing interest in, its Graal in its whole…

Or Official Graal, you silly goose.

I’m not on Graal Online often. Maybe a few hours a week.

Anything going on with the server now? Or is it just sitting stagnant?

It’s gone stagnant for the most part.

I hate to see that interest has diminshed in this because I just discovered it. I use to play the official Graal years ago and stopped when they started making you pay and just the other day I decided to search for a free Graal because I missed playing it and discovered this existed.

Wish I had known about this a long time ago.

The interest is still here for the most part. We usually have new members joining, filling in the void for those whom left.

Need playercount to make playercount. I have absolutely no interest getting on when I only see 3 other players, and I know that they’re just idlers and staff.

I get online if if no one else is on in hopes of making someone else want to get on.

You’d be surprised how well it works, just takes time. But generally the playercount only builds up to 16. Depending on who is curious enough when looking at the playercount.

Official servers work by having a premade playerbase, they have people to occupy each timezone, and people who will stay in hopes a friend will come online, as opposed to most who log off instantly when they do not see a friend. Though its still fair to say they have players there doing the same thing to help build the playercount to their favorite servers.

Another issue is, most users here probably don’t have an actual favorite server, one to call a “home”.

Definitely not Bomber Arena.


I’ll be honest. Graal’s server content never appealed to me. It was buggy, laggy, and even if it wasn’t bugged, quests and such sucked really hard. The only thing that made it fun was all the other players you could play with. But now, even that’s not appealing to me. The problem is right now the potential playerbase tops off at like 30, which means you’re severely limited in establishing a community on a server based pretty much around community.

people lost interest in graal…Graal Online is dying a slow and horrible death.

I’ve been really working hard to spread the word about Graal Reborn and specifically Graal: The Adventure. I’m not sure how much of a dent I’m making, but I’m trying to make it my mission to get people to see just how fun this game can be, especially with a lot of people.

Also, your avatar is awesome, Dontar.