Witnessing the long term trauma caused by Downsider’s mischief on Spooon’s extensive collection of pottery has convinced me that the only solution is re-education by means of forced labor.

Delete this fucking thread.

Fer wat rszn?

Fucking wonderful.

Because I laughed :[

But the achievement made you cry

variousweapons of mass hilarity

now give me spooons pot

i havent smoked all day

this thread just gets better and better

wut no

wut ya

Downsider is a downer, and also never on my side.



It is no riddle.

checks the ‘BEN Says’ program on Graal Television.

…Wow, the father is a buzzkill.

You shouldn’t have done that…

I got more pots than spooon bwahahahahahaha

well smoke some, cant burn any more brain cells than you already have

my drug dealer told me pot grows brain cells

I wish I had a dealer, but sadly, I’m an old loser.