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This has been bothering me for a while now. We’ve attempted to discuss it on two separate occasions, but nothing has hit me as “OMG, that’s it!” yet. I’m about as creative as a rock when it comes to naming. I’m looking for something simple. Engines like Unity, Unreal, or Quake all have basic names. Nothing particularly flashy. If we could make a vague reference to Graal, that would be even better, but I want it to be pretty detached still. It would be best if something could be figured out that has meaning toward our goal of recreating an environment like Graal.

I had thrown out “Eon” before, but that also doesn’t quite feel right. It’s kind of close, at least. Throw some more ideas at me!

As an example of just how bad my naming is, I’ve been calling the project “D2D” for as long as it’s existed now. This is an acronym for “Dynamic 2D Engine”. /facepalm

Gourd (or alternatively Drinking Gourd)

Why it works:
1.) A drinking gourd can be used, as the name suggests, as a thing to drink from (like a grail), but far enough from Graal and it isn’t simply “cup” or “chalice”
2.) Allusion to a path towards freedom (see American folklore surrounding African American slaves following the “drinking gourd” to freedom) - we are seeking freedom, too. How? by following the new engine (it’s a stretch, I know).
4.) Definitely not flashy. A little goofy even, but short and sweet
5.) Starts with G

Grawl has been mentionned before and it’s how I call your project in my head.

never mind, urban dictionary’s definition isn’t tempting. I’ll try to find something good I promise.

Gourd has a nice ring to it. I vote for that.

Graak. One of my most common spelling mistakes when referencing Graal in a text conversation. j/k

Roar/Roaring Engine? Sort of a play on how I say Graal, more like growl, but a roar is better.

Not to catchy, but maybe like Nostalgia Engine.

Crusade Engine. Indiana Jones reference, holy grail, etc.

How about no Graal references? “Graal” made sense for them (presumably an English fail, as they were known for) since it was part of the storyline of the (only?) server at the time. Something like “Gourd” only because it’s a drinking device like a grail doesn’t seem fitting for a name to me.

I’m not feeling any of these.

Also, enlightenment:

I guess it wasn’t an English fail after all. Anyway, no container-related names! I’m fine with Zelda references, but it obviously has to be devoid of any trademarked or copyrighted names.

Edit: Some brainstorming ideas I’ve tried to use… this engine could be a rebirth of Graal, but also an advancement, evolution, next generation, etc. It’s intended to provide creative freedom.

How about Reborn. Simply.
This is a brainstorm after all.

Why not name it after an animal like a javascript engine did. You could call it hippo or elephant.

i think at this point developers pick a rando name as a placeholder until a real name is found. Codr, you have up to 10 posts after this one to pick a placeholder name or else the community will pick it for you via forum poll.

While I like the name Reborn, it’s been used on quite a few MMORPG engine projects.

I could throw out a number of names, but know they’re probably tied to my rpg world in some way. My creative brain functions regarding names have
been running on fumes lately, with all the writing I’ve done -.-

I like Eon, or more so Aeon. If I remember right it also draws some reference to Graal, without bumping into copyright issues.

Maybe add something with Player Worlds in it. That part isn’t exclusively their property.

Cat, of course. A random animal name seems odd. What engine are you referring to, anyway?

Has that not already been done? It’s been using a placeholder for years.

I normally find some personal connection for naming things, even if no one else would get it.
Example: Ethereal Odyssey simply came from experiences with hallucinogens in the past. A sense of feeling that more is out there beyond death. That’s
what I drew from anyway. I find it easier to name things based on personal experiences, but that’s just me.
Everything I try to give names for, I find it more authentic to do this than just use some random name pulled out of nowhere.
Even if it’s something commonly used, if done right you can own it, and make it your own brand.

I vote for GReborn engine. It could stand for Game Reborn Engine, and at the same time can work as a “easter egg” to it’s origins as Graal Reborn.

1.) Terraform - world shaping
2.) Paracosm - imaginary world
3.) AppleCore - an allusion to the Book of Genesis (beginnings) where adam and eve eat the fruit of knowledge
4.) Pangolin - probably the most badass looking animal
5.) HoneyBadger - sounds sweet, actually a terrifying animal
6.) Trebuchet - the internet likes these, right? The launcher of something big
7.)OmniChannel - Open, ever present possbilities

Mostly I think we should avoid super generic names, because it’s boring otherwise. Though, ultimately, this is Codr’s decision.

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I the name won’t be a big deal, what will really matter is some flagship playerworlds that get people interested

i vote for HoneyBadger