Favorite Graal Reborn Servers

What were your favorite Graal Reborn servers?

Mine? Dreamscape, Sentinel, Bomber Arena, and Xoria PW 2008

Bomber Arena and Anti-Unixmad UnixGraal.


Lumina was the best aside from Beholders servers.

implying lumina is better than bomber, graal the adventure, and zolderon combined.

Dreamscape,bomber arena

Dreamscape,bomber,gravity bomb,sentinel.
…3/4 of those servers were made by Beholder.

I miss Dreamscape. D: If it was up I’d idle on it all day.

I liked Bomber Arena and Zolderon.

I didn’t like Lumina. It was absolutely terrible in my opinion.

Nothings in english,Besides that I like:Lumina,Dreamscape,Bomber Arena,and Xialza.

Killing me is the most challenging thing on Xialza. >;D

Ive killed you, but it took me like three deaths with a dagger xD…[COLOR=“Silver”]

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[/COLOR]I’ll fysu anyday in spar though.

You’ve never killed me on Xialza; I’ll beat you 2/3 times in a normal spar.

Maybe I need to bring back that over powered sword yenairo introduced into the game ripped from final fantasy and sell it to everyone but spooon :o

Spooon I will (F)uck (Y)ou’re (S)hit (U)p in spar bro…

I knew what you meant, and I’ve already kicked your ass in spars before. Quit talkin’ smack.

I can give you the battle we had last night.But when you do get on a computer,I’ll be sure to wreck your shit ;).

I didn’t really like any of them overall. They were all aimless and had no goal nor narrative, and even the ones that were promising ended up unfinished. The good ones like Sentinel, Bomber Arena, that jumping server, were very well made, but in the end they were there just for novelty and weren’t good enough for the long run. I guess my most favorite one is Unixgraal, but some of the quests were very grating, the maze one was way too big, and man the graveyard memory puzzle stopped being fun once you started losing, but still, they were very well made and unique and that’s what makes me appreciative of them.

Okay so thats a Beholder score of four for four, for Lampshade. o__o

He didn’t say Mode7 or 2xScale