Forums somewhat usable again...

The forums should now be somewhat usable again. Have fun. Updates to the website and forums will roll out during the week.

What the fuck is Open Graal?

Temp logo for new site design. Logo contest soon.

Riley’s going to win.
He’s like the only one here who can GFX properly.

Make it so we can go back on clients… im bored as hell. :mad:

I think I should reword what I said, I said that you’re LIKE the only good GFX here.
Maybe I should’ve said “You’re one of the only good ones here.”

And thanks


Damn, I meant to + rep you but I think I accidently - repped you, and I need to spread rep around before repping you again. (Is there a thanks button in this forum layout?)

Yeah, right to the left of the Star that gives rep - or +.

well, its up again…

lmao, I like how just because I showed someone the place for - Rep they gave me some, for “Poopy Face”

The forums scare me atm Dx

I say we just let Beholder or Shiny do it since they seem to be the best. But a contest would be nice as we’d get to see what other people come up with. :open_mouth: So… I… have to agree with Riley. slaps self in face

Serverlist is on again. There’s a good chance we’re moving the site and forums over to Joey’s server instead, since my server seems pretty fucked…

___Merged doublepost__________________

And I have a plan for the forums already.

What I’d like a contest for though is new client-design, 16x16px icon for website + forums + client, 32x32px icon for client.

I think Riley would be better at designing for the forums.

Grab butter and go fuck yah couch Yen.

what’s with the sudden hostility by everyone?
Unless that was meant to be funny. >_>

That’s what I took it to mean.
Though if he doesn’t mean those, then idfk what he means.

Also, it’s not offensive.
Okay a little bit.

Jeeze guys. Don’t take it so seriously. I mean. You insulted a shit ton of people with your comments lol. I was just responding to that. Didn’t think you’d think I was trying to be a prick. Only a smartass.

Client, the only thing you do is design the login-screen. Position of buttons and stuff like that. Then we edit the client to look like that.

About the icons, yes and yes. Might even make bigger sized icons aswell as most computers run vista/7 now and uses 48x48 or 64x64 icons.