function funcname() with Parameters?

is it possible to create a function with parameters using the function funcname()? Thanks in advance for the help!:animesmiley:

Tricxta, get the hell over here! Also yes.
[lack of explanatory answer] [post is irrelevant]

Also no, not in Graalv2; Not until Graalv4 (Because of Torque).
Same goes for multidim arrays ( array[0][1] ) being unavailable till v4.

aww. its ok tho, ill find a way around it

Yeah, set the variables specifically before calling the function o_o

gscript is retarded and reminds me of assembly when it comes to functions.

dat be true. Im having fun learning C# and Java. Alot cleaner languages :slight_smile:

C# and Java are cleaner than gscript… that has got to be the biggest understatement of the century (if nothing else, with regard to documentation).

well… I thought they were :frowning: :mybad:

Stefan: “Here’s some functions.”
Everyone in 2001: “Cool!”
Stefan: (mwuhaha, everyone is too ignorant to realize I didn’t even add parameters!)

No don’t cry. I was agreeing with you. I was saying that you weren’t saying it strongly enough. An “understatement” is when you say something not strongly enough like: “Angelina Jolie has pouty lips” or “Minka Kelly has sex appeal” or “gllt likes the ol’ leaky shaft.”.