General Playerworld Discussions/Ideas

Dude. Let’s do it.
Perfect idea.

Discuss here since Riley wont let us discuss in the Benzy thread.

Sounds cool xP Would be fun

Guilds = Cities. Cities can connected. Non-connected cities can either connect/ally or have a war against each other and take each other over. There is a chance Godzilla or something will come and try to attack your city so you’ll have to try and save it and build enough police, military, etc.

Furniture=server strings for storage, putnpc/showani for placement
randomly generated peds and stuff=some simple math and organisation lol

Its all plausible, I’ll help out but since xialza is now out of hidden and back again I will be working on that as my main project

tric isn’t a genius. I wouldn’t class him with Shiny Downsider and Beholder.
But he is excellent.

o_0 fine be that way. walks off

tric, seriously? I don’t pussy foot, so don’t expect me to.

Im not kidding dude, get the others too because you need a genius helping you with the scripting not some un-educated software engineering student -_- and no… you don’t have to suck my dick, if you want to suck something we have gllt for such occasions.

This was more of a discussion, in my opinion. I didn’t really expect much, since we can’t get any of “the greats” on board.

This is a great idea.

We have this… It’s called the level editor. D:

Nobody has the patience to script this.

Nor the patience to draw the graphics. o_o

The concept of Sim City in Graal would definitely take a lot of effort compared to other kinds of games you could also do in Graal.

Like Harvest Moon. Y’know, that would actually be kinda cool.

Never played Harvest Moon. The idea of a game I couldn’t kill things in wasn’t appealing to me.

We’ll get the towers and houses images from SIm city, or we’ll make them?

It’s called Rune Factory.
Grab it and kick the shit out of monsters while growing crops.
For the DS too. If you don’t, I wont speak to you ever again. :slight_smile:

Well uhhh if anyone gets something going and proove they will actually try i’ll contribute some of my “un-genius” time towards the project for the scripting aspect.

Nah, this was more of a Discussion of what it would be like.
I don’t think anyone wants to waste good hours making a clone of a game that requires extensive math and time.

Not gonna happen. Hell, no one even has solid ideas other than some vague “cities this and that!” and yet people are already trying to get scripters together to get it done?

Anyways, the more massive the project the more likely it is to never happen. Hell, even the simplest projects tend to go unfinished. I’m not trying to crush souls or anything but everyone would save a lot of their time if they considered things a little more realistically.