gfx vs gameplay

age is a key factor in graphic’s . most people these day’s wern’t around for the progression of graphic’s . I myself was around the age of some of the members when Nintendo first came on the scene . after going from NES,Sega,SNES,SegaCD,Game cube,Playstation,Nes64,Playstation2 and eventually to computer . in no particular order . only after that do you come to terms with the whole “fuck the graphic’s” concept . if you sit down and think about it , nintendo hasn’t changed much in quite some time . the steering wheel , original had one , the gun same , the pad , still the same . whats not the same ? the user , it changes over time . standard’s go up , expectation’s going down .

Good graphics are one thing, but entertaining gameplay is more important. Otherwise you may as well make a nice looking png image and call that a game.

(did that make sense in anyones mind apart from mine?)

my first console was an NES, we had almost all the games…sold em all in a yard sale before we moved

Almost all of them? I believe there are in the ballpark of 780 NES games. That would be quite the collection.

My first console was an NES, with the Mario/Duckhunt, any other games we had for it were rented, because we were poor :smiley:

You still are poor.

And as such, I don’t own any consoles!

I grew up on the NES and went from the NES to SNES then to PSX to PS2, and I am still stuck in PS2.

I got really good at Super Mario Bros. and Yoshi’s Cookie. O.o

I first learned about video games when I was 8. I didn’t think they were really fun, but now I think they are and they ruined my life. xD The first thing I got was a gameboy color. (Too poor to afford a playstation1 at the time)

So my family is rich. And when I say rich I mean rich. So I had a Nintendo as soon as it was being sold in New England. And I had all 8 games at the time. I was like Lucas from The Wizard, but less of an asshole.

My grandfather was adopted into a rich family; Sold off every bit of land (which would be worth a fortune nowadays) and spent every penny. o_o

You know, I really don’t think Duck Hunt was on the SNES.

Yes it was.

Not a SNES cartridge.
Trying to find if there’s a duckhunt for snes…
Nope. No duckhunt for snes.

Touche! I meant NES.

The internet lied to me. cries

QWOP for nes

Good lord, man! Dont’ say such horrible things!

This is an accurate statement, i read reviews about final fantasy 13, watched videos on youtube and it certainly looks like a fantastic game, but from some reviews it’s like the whole game was build as a giant tutorial, and also from some of the reviews it yet again deals with experimenting with a new style of combat system that was very different from the regular gain this ammount of EXP and level up for random (but often useful) stats, One character is all you ever control, and if that character dies, game over.

“But my other two guys are ok, look, there still ready to go and still fighting.” “So what? You let your main character die so fuck you, game over bitch.” FF13 in a nutshell.

u high bro?