Golden Gloves

Where do i get them?

tell us which server buddy

Posted it in GtA, so GtA.

oops. im dumb, and i dont know where to get them.

Just read something about going to Chaotica and then doing some kind of quest. I went there earlier today but got stuck in a wall so had to unstuck. I checked for the boat but there’s no more timer, the sign thing is black.

Destiny Pyramid in the far southeast corner in the desert. But you’ll need the hammer, conch shell, rat form, and birdshot.

Edit: Also, going through all of CC only gets you the following:

Level 2 Sword
CC Warp Cape
Red Gloves
Jolt Bombs
Fire Blast

So no Golden Gloves from CC.

And yes, CC’s boat is busted at times. It’s worked for me a couple of times before, but other times it will simply not arrive. The ticket office shows an estimated arrival time in the negatives, so your best bet to go into CC is to get the Zorbi Ring and swim there. To get the Zorbi Ring you have to go through part of the Babord Quest, get the Conch Shell at Avalon Island cave Entrance using a fishing pole, and do a good chunk of the Avalon Birdshot quest

Thanks alot! Could you possibly forum pm me how to get the Fishing pole, Conch shell, rat form and where to do the Birdshot quest?[COLOR=“Silver”]

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[/COLOR]Just got randomly disconnected and when i reconnected, i got warped to some jail level. everytime i unstuck/warp ring, it says “you did not earn this shield”. can someone warp me away from this?

Spectre, if you’re on the server enough I can give you updatelevel rights to fix the boat levels.

Sure, I can run the rounds on the boats with updatelevel if needed.

how much are tickets?

You should be able to now. Say “update level” in the level with the timer and it should be fixed. Also, Avalon port never breaks because it’s not on the overworld.

I´m still stuck in this weird level that i can´t warp away from. everytime i try so, it says i dont have some kind of shield. can someone warp me out?[COLOR=“Silver”]

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[/COLOR]I´m still stuck in this weird level that i can´t warp away from. everytime i try so, it says i dont have some kind of shield. can someone warp me out?

edit: can’t use any items anymore in this level. There’s a door but when i enter it, it warps me back to the same level. Unstucking does the same.

The pwa team should be bigger and have rights on all servers just for this situation.

Would be nice if the debuggers, FAQs, GPs, and GCs, I hired on there were still around.

Hm, my account gets stuck on the loading screen now.

Server went down, so it might be a sec

Wait we have GCs?

Sounds like you’re in the jail level. I’ll sort it out. It thinks you got your shield illegally.[COLOR=“Silver”]

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Yeah. I gave you Game Coordinator tag when I gave you FAQ.[COLOR=“Silver”]

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Alright. Racil already warped me out last week. only problem i’m having now is when i’m doing quests and i die, i get warped into walls. kinda annoying.

Yup. It’s the client and scripted death systems fighting it out. I’m not fixing it.