Good Anime Films I've Seen

These are what I remember watching, because I downloaded them :slight_smile:

(if you can consider the digimon and pokemon movies “anime” ive seen em all, even though majority of the digimon ones are only english subtitle)

The girl who leapt through time,

Watched spriggan the other day, which looks exactly like akira. So pretty much if naruto and akira had sex, that’d be their bastard love child.

abenobashi the magical shopping arcade . but anything by Hayao Miyazaki is awsome . speaking of which walt disney is producing another one , ponyo . the ghost in the shell’s wernt bad , the newer ones “stand alone complex” . man ive watched so many i cant even remmber half of them . now i only concern myself with bleach and naruto , but i prefer to read the manga then watch the anima .

I plan on downloading Ponyo if i can find a good R5 (high quality camjob) of the video after Aug 14)

also saw Abenobashi on the anime slot of G4TV but that didnt last long, and Gad Guard…what ever happened to that

also, Hayao’s son has took up the anime making business.

wtf Whisper of the Heart is the most boring go nowhere piece of shit anime movie ever.
Don’t you dare add End of Evalgelion to that list!!

I got Spriggan for $10 on sale, it’s a very cool movie.
I highly recommend you watch Cowboy Bebop the movie, it kicks ass.

Also, you definitely need to watch Persepolis even though it’s a Frech movie and not Japanese and the art style is hella weird- it’s amazing!

never heard of End of Evalgelion

End of Evangelion will FUCK with your mind. Watch it; I recommend.

Armitage III

Elven Lied

*Elfen Lied
And that was a series. O_o


I heard you guys liked cartoons so I recommend Batman or the Fairly Oddparents.

Sword of the stranger. It’s new, and it’s hot

never heard of that, Nalin

Fairly Oddparents, Angry Beavers & Jake Long American Dragon ftw :stuck_out_tongue:

ok i remmber one i loved . it was called “Full Metal Panic” . it was about a military guy who was assigned to guard a high school girl . it was funny as hell watching him blow open his school locker with c4 every time it looked like it had been tampered with . oh and the little bear costume he stole from a theme park and turned into a small gundam suit . but couldnt find a buyer for them so he wound up unloading them to a street gang .

Its heavy on the fan service. Ie: Panty shots and huge hyperactive breasts.
As far as actually having some “worth”, its a 0.

it’s not just “heavy” on fan service it IS the embodiment of fan service.

No, that’s Kiss x Sis. Either way, Its crap.

Lot of ecchi based shows in the past year. No class.