Graal 2001 setting?

are these the levels just before everyone was forced to pay for their accounts? It has a few buildings i had not seen and the classic bodies, i think i only started playing when the taller bodies and numbered health were in effect.

All the same i’m very happy to be able to roam the levels once again, and can wait for any and all updates. =D

No, this was the original P2P server. Kingdoms came later.

2001 came back later with new bodies and a bamoboo spar arena :o

I remember 2001 when they put the big ass mountain in the middle.
We were using the modified exe at that point so it let you move
over walls for a very short period of time (on 2k1 anyway) so we
like went past all the traps and stuff to the top like right as they
put the levels there… it was awesome fun times. Also so was stealing
gralats from a GP’s playerhouse the same way.

Can’t even get on the server.

Alright, just noticed the 2001 server was put in the gold tab, but i am unable to get a connection to it, i’m not sure but is it still being fixed up for proper use?

  1. it’s not Gold
  2. the port must not be forwarded

Ok guys. Turns out Joey is using it for testing the NPC-Server work he has been doing. The culprit for the mysterious, unconnectable server in the gold tab has been solved! Just don’t try to connect to it.

you can connect to it, try to crash the npc-server :D!

I would but all your lights are blocking…

Still cant get out of OSL?

I can now, but all the lights on the overworld are also blocking >.>

Hahaha, and here people thought i was crazy, i knew i wasn’t seeing things.

none of the lights block me, you have issues…

Joey, you stupid cunt, take it off Gold.

you’re a worthless piece of shit, do something positive for once in this community rather than being a whiny little bitch who runs to post on everything. thanks fuckbag

If you guys are gonna “fight” at least take it to the damn staff section >.>

see? not blocking me.

only video box I have checkmarked is AutoMapping, which I do not know what it does…it was on by default

-=edit=- nvm, /those/ lights dont block me, I found some that did…broken dontblock cvar.

-=editreply to post below=-
I took a level snapshot by accident…I dont have “Don’t use Direct3d” turned on.

Then he shouldn’t come out and try to insult me. The server is on gold because that gets the most players, and I need to debug the npc-server for crashes. What positive has he ever done for the community? Spamming the forums doesn’t count.

A lot of npcs that shouldn’t block do block because it uses C# for serverside coding (ex)

public void onCreated() { dontblock(); }

I’ll have everything worked out, mostly want to see if the npc-server will crash, it’s being ran on debug.