Graal Reborn logo contest

We need a new logo that is a tad more attractive than the current one.
The current one was made by me and was inspired by OGCC forums.

I and possibly the other admins will pick out the best logos.
I will then put up a poll and the best logo will be voted by members.
Anyone can join the contest!

Size should be arround 239px × 105px (can be bigger but with the same proportions) and file type should be on of the following PSD, XCF, SVG or any format that is resizeable without making it look crap.

What should the logo look like?

  • Should use colors that fit the current theme of the forum and site.
  • Should feel like Graal but can be stylish.
  • Background should be transparent.

What is the logo going to be used for?

  • Main site
  • Forums
  • Client modding
  • Eventually other stuff like wiki, pastebin, custom RC skins.

What do I gain from it?

  • Fame
  • Possibly access to the VIP forums :wink:
  • A tap on the shoulder.
  • This list may change to remove or add something.

Don’t overdo it!

Send your files to cadavre [at] and post a png or jpg here in this thread.

-10 Respect for JPG
+0 Respect for GIF
+10 Respect for PNG / +5 Respect for Alpha Map

So they have to be vector???

+15 Respect for Using GScript: ShowPoly, to fuck with Marlon. lol

No, you could simply make one big. As long as it don’t look crap when resized.

What’s this? The third contest now? I actually like the current one than the red one we had. :frowning:

We’ve never had a contest. And the current one is fugly. Stick to thread.

wweiiiiiiiii O_o



“Cadvare” is such a poser ;D


Should I edit it and paste you over him?
Anyway, I got the picture from the server screen shots … so, yeah.
Just look at the way he fills out that green outfit, who’s better than Cadavre? :marlon:

LOL, No.

One response

Fine, I’ll leave it the way it is.
(This is a keeper. V)

Lol, way to go ripping of Harmonias temp picture for a logo. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And pickle, way to go for stealing one of my old logos… :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course it’s the only way to get anyone motivated to throw something up that would be better then eerr your logo. I think it worked :slight_smile: 0w3n3d

new logo

I don’t think the other dudes logo would look good put up on the top left corner plus it wouldn’t meld well with the green since his stuff is all brown.

I don’t think the other dudes logo would look good put up on the top left corner plus it wouldn’t meld well with the green since his stuff is all brown.[/QUOTE]

Center it … also it would look decent. Then again you are an opponent which could possibly be the reason for your comment. I like your new GR logo … besides the whole Aladdin aspect.

*Note- I was making my logo before you stuck that old one up.

Nice one :open_mouth:
edit Needs transparency though. lol

Yeah, I took it from your avatar. I just got lazy and didn’t feel like putting transparency. Glad you approved though. Hah :smiley:
The animation is also off a by a bit, though it didn’t turn out half bad. Before it was like some guy on steroids and speed.

Currently making images while listening to Freedom Call - Warriors.

Sun your shit is sweet. Well plus everyone elses stock is great mainly. Had no idea Harmonia had cool sprites. I need to start playing the servers more. Tried gravity bomb yestarday and today, which is bad ass too.

(note: beholders ava looks way smoother now, Sun should go around all servers making stuff look prettier for me to look at.)

Out of pure boredom. (Probably won’t be considered.)
I put it together with a few images in my webgifs.
*Note-I would have made it better, but … anyway … if you want to re-size it, let me know.

Beholder became the mascot.

My other entry:

*Additional Note-Both have transparent backgrounds.