.Graal to .NW batch converter.

Some of you have been asking for it, enjoy.

I used that on my C drive once. I had a lot more .Graal files than I thought I did.

From my experience you still have to go through the levels and change the links…

Since the NW format is text-based, you could use a mass-text replacer and replace .graal with .nw in all files.

aye, even though my post was more of a warning to people who are going to use it than anything else. didn’t want people going “omg i used the converter and all my links broke! someone fix it for me”

isn’t there one of these on the UGDVD?

Told you I had it floating around somewhere – Beholder had it.

Spent 5 minutes on Google and downloaded it from the official forums. Lol

~/Ultimate Graal Dvd/Apps/GraaltoNWconverter.zip
it has the same exact files as the download you posted…

That’s because it came from the same place.

And anybody has an idea of the easiest way to change every .graal links to .nw??

I’ve got like 3000 levels so any method that involves opening them individualy would be useless

The one I had changed the links. I got it back when graal.net had code snippets and shit.

You’re right it changed the links as well, thanks!

write a c program that opens the files and changes all .graal to .nw inside.


Well I doubt it changes the links into the scripts so I’ll probably have to fix stuff little by little for a while, and I dunno why but some links seem wrong, but at least most stuff seems right.

Is there any real advantage for converting every .gif to .png or it’s only to save a few ko on each picture?

Convert to .nw type
Run a text based batch converter.
.graal into .nw

Fun fact, you can open .nw files in notepad.

Thank god you can. Ive lost so many npcs by fucking up setshapes.

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Or by retarded ganis

You got any batch text converter to recommand? :stuck_out_tongue:

I just found out that this graal to nw converter even converts everything even inside scripts, so I even used this to copy my old bigmap.txt file inside a script to convert the texte automaticaly.

Whoever made this simple software did a great job!