Thank the person who wrote the config comments. All you have to do is follow directions.

So probably Stefan

Those comments are specific to our gserver so it’s probably nalin or joey.

I thought that was in house to graal reborn… that like cadavre or urza or some oldbie having to do with the gserver emulator wrote it.

yeah, that’s what I thought… should’ve hit refresh before posting.

Why would you say Urza? Do you even know who he is?

kinda, I know he’s been around for a good while; that’s enough.
I have no idea if he’s a coder or anything, just throwing an oldbie name.

Well stop. He’s not a coder, and you shouldn’t even be bring up “oldbies.”

Spoon is an oldbie

Urza was one of the developers around here that use to work on playerworlds. He mostly worked with saputo on the kandora projects.
It was actually him who introduced me to the concept of guis in GS1.

Urza and I clearly need to work on our reputation around here. It’s hard to get any respect when you don’t leave witnesses, life as a ruza must be hard.

I’d associate Urza more with XoriaPW than Kandora, but that’s just me. Urza and I also worked on Divine Darkness with Jimbo33 and Mog on GO.

Kandora is more Saputo doing random shit and LoakeyRonso idling on buildings to me.

I’ve been playing Graal since 1997

Spare me the images


___Merged doublepost__________________

I am leaving the server on overnight, mind trying to connect, post your results.

connection couldn’t be established X_X

I can’t connect either. The data your server sends to the listserver seems to be correct though. So it must be a problem with your firewall and/or router.

Router firewall or computer? Also do I have to DMZ, I was previously and I still am.

Just disconnect 1 of your connections and set everything to auto.

Try to connect now.