Guess what.

So I’m watching The Boondocks and shit and after it’s over I’m about to turn off the TV because Bleach is crap, and guess what I fucking see…

A ship flying through space…
A robot walking into a room…
He sits in his chair…
and he says…
“Where back, bitches.”

Toonami is back.



It’s about time.

Okay. That’s enough of this shit. No more anime.

The voice of T.O.M. says they’ll be doing new stuff.[COLOR=“Silver”]

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Man, didn’t want to necro-post even though this isn’t all that old c: But this was old news at the time bahha x] I remember people on my FB all crapping themselves like “OUH MAH GAW” p: Adult Swims website had the link up for a good while now, It’s not going to be the exact same as it’s under william streets control. But it’s the same concept almost. c:

toonami sucks

Pshh, you’re just mad you’re not a freak robot.

You can say bitches on TV?

Toonami wasn’t that good. Dubbed anime sucks! I prefer adult swim stuff!

I agree 100%. Toonami wasn’t the best, but it was better than a lot of other stuff “4kids re-dubbed” shows for example totally ruin those shows. I like English dubs best when they do the voice acting decently and don’t censor everything out.

what… there’s no such thing as a decent English dub. They’re all horrible!

Original languages or gtfo! Subtitles do more justice than dubs! Swedish dubbed anime is horrible, everything Sounds like swedish spongebob…

i watched about 10 minutes of swedish spongebob before i had to turn it off last time i was there

Stop posting.

subtitles over dub’s any day .

I’m not even saying this to be popular. There is something seriously wrong with English voice actors on Anime. They SUCK. The girls try to sound as happy as possible at all times, and the guys sound like they’re talking to a potato. They also seem to cast just about anyone they can get a hold of, no matter how old they sound, too.

That’s because Japanese people sound like that, so they try to emulate it.

and they epic-fail while they do it. At least Japanese people consistently sound like that, it’s just the huge difference in attitude between the males and the females that bothers me.

p.s. thanks for not being a dick to me this time.

I’m sorry, but I don’t always want to have to sit and read my show. Even if the voices suck. I appreciate dubbed shit.