happy new year people I’m excited to see what this brings forward

my resolutions are to study more and work towards getting a job as well as well as spending less time online. would also like a gf but let’s keep it realistic

Happy fucking new years man! I had a great one, actually went out with my friends for once to the bar/club this time around. I usually like to be an introvert and stay at home on the holidays. But it was a fun night, so feeling good vibes about this year.

My new years resolution is to finish my fucking game, which I know will happen despite hater pessimists like eroz doubting everyones projects, bringing everyone down with his negative hater vibes (just kidding). It’s just time/work getting in the way.

Hope everyone had a great new years and looking forward to 2017.

In my case this 2016 has been the roughest year for all my family. Many cried thanking that it is over. I didn’t see many happy due to worries and stuff, but unleast they smiled for a while because it is over. Let’s hope it is a better year for all.

Oh hi

nice 2 see u my dood

I carry no expectations for 2017, I’m just simply along for the ride. Happy New Year.

Is anything new going on here?

People making new engines. Not really much else.

Will there finally be an NPC-Server coded?
With maybe a more stable client? :slight_smile:

Only if you program it.

He’s referring to standalone projects,

Rou’s engine in progress:

My engine in progress:

I think Codr is also working on something although I can’t find the link to his thread.

As for the NPC server, you can read up on the progress here.

I knew someone was going to say it :blush:

Don’t forget me! But I’m hush hush about it since it’s probably not going to become anything, much like the other projects that have popped up over the years.

Totally thought you abandoned the idea.

Nah, it’s still a distant dream of mine. I’ve got some base aspects of the engine working, but who knows where it’s going to end up.

The problem with most of the projects that have come up over the years is that they tend to be kept closed off from the community during their development.

While there are many legitimate reasons for doing this, in my opinion, it leads to problems in the long run.
This is why I’ve decided to take a collaborative approach to development of my engine by allowing other users to contribute in terms of code (currently, the level editor), ideas, graphics
and anything else they can think of.
I’ve also taken the liberty to post as frequently as I can with video updates, explanations, and even the occasional code bits or insights on how I go about solving issues or creating
new things, along with the release of a demo for everyone to try out and bug test.
Furthermore, the portability of the engine is not restricted to a certain platform, operating system or etc, because…it’s web based!

And if for some highly unlikely reason, I’m forced to drop my work on this, then I’ll gladly pass the baton and open source it entirely for anyone to take up and build on the progress.

Above anything else, I think it’s about time that an engine was made for this community, whether it’s me or someone else.
For that reason, I encourage and praise any other projects started here, especially since it’s evident that the people behind them are very talented individuals who simply don’t have the time or the means to fully commit.

…that is my new year’s resolution.