hello again

popping in to see whats new is graal reborn still a dead project are is it fully active now with servers with playerbase now

well there’s an active community, but… no playable servers apart from graal the adventure.

so the client and gserver clients work and you can host servers? if so you might have a community again soon because real pc graal got screwed like almost half a year ago by a corrupt global called carlito he shut down unholy nation and removed all staff so i just invited the entire crew to graal reborn for a fresh start to bring back unholy nation i said they might not like the idea but it might be the only way left to get there precious server back because carlito and unixmad is doing nothing about it

You can host servers, but there’s no NPC server option available. That tends to turn everyone away pretty quickly.

Yes, there is a working client-server set. Just beware that we only can support GS1, but I’m sure you’d be able to procure a copy of unholy nation from back in “the day” that was written in GS1. Keep in mind that the Gserver is open source and could be modified to support any custom functionality that isn’t already provided by the triggerhacks which are quite powerful.

You probably heard that we’re a bunch of hackers who are going to steal your credentials, and while that might have been true many years back, those people have since left reborn or have become inactive. There’s not really any reason to hate reborn nowadays unless you’re opposed to a free to play graal.

if your talking about hackers there was an active hacker before unholy nation shut down but never hacked when he joined the name is fogles im sure everyone has heard of them

Welcome back. Get them to make a new server. We have players. Or look under development and get involved

Yeah we’ve had fogles hang around these parts too, I guess he just moves with the crowd… People like to claim that he represents graal reborn. That however, is false.

welcome! nice to see quite a few people popping by recently

Meh, no one stays.
Welcome MKnance.

It’s hard to blame them. Nobody that stays wants to develop on what we’ve got now, so why would new people?

Graal hobbyists? When I feel like programming, I run Graal.

Hopefully, they’ll come back once your client is done.

I think everyone that reads this will be scoffing. Myself included!

I believe in you Codr!

I’m still here, and Joey posted recently so that’s terrifying.

Spooon is only here because graalians died

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Did it? Wow our reputation sure is strong if almost no one migrated to here

C’mon, man…

https://discord.gg/G3xbYsQ here is old pc graals UN discord if you want to brief them on this site and try to get them involved i’ve tried to talk them into it but maybe you guys will have more luck also is nalin still around too

People are jumping onto GTA, so there’s still server list activity. I’m prepping PWA for another run so we might get a short burst of progress on that.