Hi, I’m (Look over at the owner of this post to find out name)

Guess I’m here to script, or edit levels. or make sounds for servers. oh boy. :suicide: But really, I only ask one thing…


43 players on when I log on and none of the servers I have anyone is in :whatever:

I’m always watching you…

Stop using sentinel >: (

they are all dead.
Mmmkay answer your question?

As for learning to script… fuck.

I idle on “Login” it’s a cool place.


Guess I’ll be leaving then.

Just a friendly word of advice:

Before you even create a new topic about help getting scripting advice,

Search for it!!!

Beholder is really getting pissed off at newcomers asking about scripting functions, and there are tons of topics on it.

Furthermore, do not ask for scripts here, if you want a script build it yourself; it’s more rewarding that way, and everyone won’t give you evil looks. If you are having trouble with scripts and cannot find a topic that is useful enough (I doubt that is possible, but hey it happens…) then create a new topic.

Yenairo-- out!

Guess I’ll be leaving then.[/QUOTE]

Don’t leave. By dead I mean we don’t have a high playercount at the moment, if you leave… well you know, -1 potential for playercounts and also a reason why people leave is because there arn’t any good servers to play. Continuing my last post, If you make a good server, maybe more people will play it!

Mmkay? Don’t leave now~

:sup: <---------------Beholder

Sentinel <--------------Beholders Server

see the difference ?

Sentinel, one of Beholder’s costumes.

I see no difference.

Sentinel was his old server , not a costume . run a search with youtube , there are videos of it .

Beholder digs cosplay–I couldn’t believe it when Spooon told me how much he paid him to dress up for him. Conversation got cut short, so I didn’t get to ask what he dressed up as…

I know it was his server, I have seen the kickass gameplay, but I think there is a…

eye_sentinel_head.png etc x.x

There is…

exactly, and my point is proven, Sentinel is a costume and a server not just one.

Poor new guy.

He is trying to integrate into our community and all we want to talk about is Beholder myths.



An interesting preview of sentinel :eek:

Why did this server have to go, it looks so awesome. :frowning:

Because people can’t have nice things.

how many servers put the server name in the image file name ? damn near all of them or the persons name who made them , your point is invalid .

It’s a server.
It’s also a costume, you can set it with sethead setbody and setshield.

it’s not a costume , its a look . we all have a look but we don’t name them . you also have a LOOK . a head , a body , a shield and certain colored parts . were not going trick or treating .




I’m done trying to explain , they don’t seem to help people to understand .