I would like to be a Playerworld Administrator! I’m on alot, and play a nice part in the GR community!

I do feel it would be a great job for u

Welcome aboard STOWEN

What. The. Fuck.


Hey everyone! If you ask nicely anyone can be on the PWA!

no just know that Stowen would be good for the job

Urza and kalzor are the only people I see fit whom aren’t already admin or mods, atm. Having your own server doesn’t save you a spot on the PWA.


why not , knowing the right people gets anyone a mod job . don’t matter if you abuse power , hack account’s or act Unbecoming of a person suppose to be setting an example for others . but to each their own . :rolleyes:

This is just a tryout time. If it doesn’t work, people are kicked. They volunteered.

And when is the tryout time going to be over? Should have made rules for the PWA before letting every player that can politely beg become a member of the PWA.

wow , the whole community consists of four people .:eek:

Wow, the biggest dumbass on the forums thinks he knows something I don’t.

not everything , just how to count .:redface:

ouch, that was harsh u 2

I didn’t beg, I was offered.

I’m semi-surprised we even need PWA’s, but what ever.
Nice job on getting the job Stowen and g’luck. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you, Riley. :slight_smile:

dont we need like, active playerworlds to need a universal admin team?