Hey GR, been a while. im back.

im back. been a while GR. checked back to see what was going on.

long story short.

–got better computer pursued game design and development
– got good at textures and art in general
– freelanced a bit
– took in many commissions
– became a 3d environment artist and texture artist
– working on prototypes now
– working with software engineer
– started up data punk studios.

i return because changes i saw happening. good for the community to step out of the usual GR bubble it was in a long time back. I offer up texture and animation work to the project. let me know what you guys need. not sure how the engine is being built, if from scratch, awesome. if not, let me know. im pretty savvy in unity, unreal, and other engines. let me know if you guys need a hand. i can also see if my programmer is up for a little side project to keep his coding skills going.

been a while though eh? heh hope everyone is well.


Woo welcome back man. I was wondering where your project went.

thanks man. yeah, i remember slightly when i left GR. i think i just lost steam with that project of arkasus. was not experienced enough, and did not have the programming power i needed. I never forgot about GR though. just got busy “upping my game” so to speak. I am far more educated and sharpened my skills as an artist and game artist as well.

i came back because i was curious. when i saw the post about a new engine being built. I immediately signed in. haha

People are working on some stuff. Won’t be anything for a while.

thanks spooon. most ambitious projects such as building an engine take a bit of time. Ill do a bit of research here and snooping around to see who’s doing what, and where i can help.

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So i did some poking around. I am a bit confused. Who is heading the development process of the new engine? I checked jatz thread and there was a 404 to the github code, so i could not even look at it to see. I also messaged him, but im not entirely sure if he is the one to message. I also saw codr was working on stuff rather recently. Also I could not find links to Graal Reborn Client. There is no updates or progress report thread thats been updated either in a while. Im just curious if i am looking in the right areas for these things. I was going to pass the github code link to the programmer working with my team on another project, and we were going to see where it was at. Sorry to double post, just need kind of a quick run down of whats going on, get caught up to speed, and where I can help kind of thing. thanks guys.

Welcome back! You should keep us posted with your own game design progress. I for one would be quite interested.

hey trix, long time no talk man. And sure, I don’t mind. I see the community needs a hand here, I think in my off time when im not working on the prototype, ill focus my efforts to help out codr and/or jatz with developing the engine for “feather” or whatever its being named as of right now.

as for our studios project, we are still in prototyping stage of development. I have around 150 textures and modular UV maps all done up, along with modular low poly geometry done as well. We wanted to make sure that level design was modular and less “calls” happened when you played, making for better optimization within the engine. the idea was to take it to an old school gimmick based on the 90s FPS era. Also, we are giving it a sci fi 80s cheesy factor to it for gameplay.
its further down for that sort of discussion though since we are shaping out the mechanics so far. My programmer though has already got movement, crouching, fire actions, etc finished, along with collision boxes and colliders set as well. Still a lot of work to do, but we are getting there. Its just a side project while we keep working on things. Its all for portfolio and skillset outlining. Pushing our boundaries kind of thing. If it goes well through the prototyping, we will begin putting some serious thought and work into it.

i posted some screenshots of prototype and texture fillers that are not entirely defined yet. most renders of light and such were done in photoshop and keyshot. And of course, these are purely mock up and testing geometric snapping and modularity.

Id like to focus here a bit though. I did not realize the community died down so much. I want to help :slight_smile:



Welcome back old friend. You can find the Graal Reborn client here http://nekoroy.com/graal/files/graal_reborn.7z and other files listed at http://nekoroy.com/graal/downloads.html . Not sure about the new client(s) or it’s progress.

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I like the textures and style. Reminds me of a polished up PSX era or Half Life style shooter room. Congratulations on all the other stuff you’ve been doing too.

whoah, long time Goatse. glad to see you are still kicking around. and thanks for the link. Any way i can get kind of the low down of whats going on around here and whos doing what? i messaged a couple of people, but im not exactly sure whos heading the project or where the work needs to be done. been surfing around, cant seem to fish out what progress is being made.

and thanks. all textures were intentional that way. just amped up a bit. And you are correct. we are aiming for that 90s FPS era of FPS. mostly the texture design and layouts were imitated from dooms UV map coordinates. The only difference with ours is instead of a mere 64x128, we amped up the quality a tiny bit to 128x256. I wanted it pixelated (surprise, surprise), but still enough to do some tight details i wanted.

I poke in every now and then and use these forums to share random strange and interesting things related to graal. From what I’ve seen there are only two servers on the Graal Reborn serverlist right now KOS and Land of Sporks both of which don’t really seem complete or active right now. From my understanding Cadavre and most others left to do other things and Jatz is the main man right now. I don’t really know much more than anyone else. Hosler and some others have been doing work on a new site layout but it has yet to go live and things seem undecided/unclear. others can probably give you more detailed answers when they get around to it.

Also, for the sake or art dumping in my thread already, here is some other random things ive done over the last little bit. Im hoping to get in touch with whoever is working on stuff. Id really like to give a hand art wise, and possibly convince my programmer to come help with the cause. We work pretty heavy, and would be nice to have a side project that was not entirely a XYZ, and work XY for a bit. besides, i miss GR. If it were not for my project here, I would not of ran off to do what ive been doing. anyways, here is some art. :slight_smile:


This one is actually part of a 300+ modular asset pack i have for sale on my gumroad, its for a platformer, but its like…loaded. I think with this one, I had a hard time calling it “finished”. what was supposed to be a 2 week project, turned into a month long, 8 hrs a day project. I was sitting on EI after a lay off, so i had a lot of time on my hands. lol

random 2 hour 3d doodle of pluckys character from tiny toons in his bat duck costume. i dunno.

Contract piece that fell through due to lousy project lead who decided he did not want to pay me anymore for my services and work for free. This is just one weapon of 40 I did for his studio flips finger

Commissioned piece for a guy i know. He wanted a 3d model of himself sculpted in a stylized “pixar” type fashion.

This started as a test sculpt for BPR lighting renders and SSS. Turned into a week long project. He actually looked a lot different when i started. Then i ran with an idea, and cleaned it up for a portfolio piece.[/CENTER]

As for pixel artwork, im already working on a modular tileset just to work on it i guess. Might as well put my skills to use here if the help is needed to create new content so its not “reverse graal” kind of thing. but yeah, good to be back. what have you guys been working on?

do you do webdesign? also welcome back. i missed you.

I am no coder by any means, but if you send me dimensions you need for the new website, along with dimensions you want for buttons, 9 slices, frames, menus, etc. and a theme you want, i can put some work together for you.

and missed you too hosler. glad you are kicking around. anyways, let me know.

EDIT: also by web design, ive built my own portfolio website on wix though lol needs to be adjusted since it fits wide screen monitors. i clicked something and it all got messed up.

here is the template ive been working on: http://www.opengraal.com/reborn.zip currently everyone hates it, but i have a dream that it can look good. i like these layouts because they are small and super easy to maintain. i have no problems writing php, but making stuff look good is hard and takes talent.

That does not look too bad at all actually. I think people just hate scrolling in general. As simpler design layouts consist of a window with dedicated pages. its how i designed mine. But i am not opposed to the layout at all.

you can check out mine here. again, the grid lines are out of whack and resized improperly. Ill get around to fixing it at some point.


EDIT: also, im sure i do not need to mention it, but all the design work was done by me. buttons, backgrounds, etc. So i can make stuff for you, for the graphical part. but i would be no help with programming or html at all.

hey thanks for the support. all that is really holding me back is not having a nice logo for the top of the page and having no beautiful screen shots to show off. i think the watermark images between sections could be better too. once i get all those squared away i can roll this baby out.

ps: ur site looks rad. here is mine: http://jerry.dhos.me it sucks but i like it

Nobody except I complained about it dude. My only complaints were that it looked like a brochure more than a gaming website, and that it was heavy as hell (try scrolling with your wheel) also a thing I just noticed is that you have about 10px on the right side of white space, making the page wider than it should be. (press scroll wheel, point to the right)

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looks good but isn’t 5:4 ratio friendly (and probably isn’t phone/tablet friendly either)
what I get on my screen: http://i.imgur.com/EDOYHYB.png

If I zoom out to 66% I can see fine though.

Its simple, but effective in my opinion. My site needs an overhaul. Im going with an 80s retro sci fi look i think. i did some design work to get a general direction. But yeah. the next question would be, what screenshots do you post on it? from what goatse said, there is little to no content, nevermind its all graals content as well. its kind of the elephant in the room right now. Where is GR going? is jatz and codr working on a new engine? how far along is it? do they need graphical help yet? more programmers? maybe a forum post on indieDB, game developers boards, etc could get some hobby developers working on it. i could be doing GUI and HUD design as well.

I can help with a logo no problem, do up a nice watermark background. but its a question of content and direction kind of thing that im curious about.

also, this is kind of color and weird layout im doing to my site when i get enough motivation to tackle it again. website design is like a 2 day project, morning to night kind of thing. at least mine was.

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yeah i know, thats what needs fixing, as i said :slight_smile:

oh that’s what you meant by that

My goal is to get this place functional again. If we build it and no one comes then oh well. At least we tried. Codr hasn’t left us yet so there is still some progress in his department. As for the screenshots, they don’t necessarily need to advertise what we currently have. Just need to look sweeeeeeet.

ill be operating under short term goals only. other people can handle the grandiose stuff.