him, ramza and any other members of his autismsquad

won’t give me RC so I can upload my Mosque level and practice Islam on their server
also saying rude words to me on the forums

They’re too edgy for their own good.

They can do w/e they want on their server.


Lol… This is getting humorous.

it seems as though x has booty tickled your anus

bush did 9/30
corrupt files can’t melt steel servers

Im tired of all this threads related to everything but Graal

GR hasn’t truly done anything with graal in ages… Since like, bomber arena. You’ve been around long enough to know that.

wow they’re threatening to post my address and phone number, the hell is wrong with these people?

I doubt they’d actually do it though since they’re just a bunch of cyberbullies that can’t actually do anything, I’ll believe it when I see it here (which will never happen LOL)

___Merged doublepost__________________

Dylan cried hard and apologized after I sent him his phone number and address. Quit crying and bringing your trolls on here. This isn’t the place. I messaged you privately and you ignored it to keep your rage going publicly for attention. Quit crying because we won’t give you RC on our server LOL. Also I never said I would post anything of yours. But keep your tears up and your stuff being posted on forums will be the least of your worries. I love your new cyber bullying campaign. You tried to be a total dick hole and it blew up in your face and you got owned hard now you’re making complaints about us for owning you in an argument you started.

And I love to paparazzi screen shots. Keep them coming. N-Pulse loves the attention.

Dude, you need to seriously find another hobby. It’s really shameful that all you do in your life is watch hentai, be a conspirationist believer, love mid-orient culture, hate yours, and come to this forums and post shit all day.

On this one, I’m talking really serious. We got something going on Graal Reborn, and it’s been ages since someone dared to develop here. When they post something here, minutes later you post some weird nonsenses and it’s really getting annoying.

Hosler, I do not know if you’d like to ban him or anything, but that would make a great benefit for GR.

I hate all of you



did someone say hentai

I’m 95% sure I’m glad I came back to Graal Reborn
Ahaha :rolleyes:

I can’t believe Dylan finally got someone to rage.

I’m pissed off because many complain that our community is dying, and yet, all we have here is lots of garbage posts. And yet some of you seem to celebrate Dylan’s posts which are everything but good for this community.

Can’t be helped. Internet is open for everybody.