How Can Enigma Be Better?

What can we do to make the server more enjoyable for players? Post your opinions and suggestions here and hopefully we can satisfy everyone :smiley:

higher player count

Agreed. haha but how to achieve this is the question.

Graal Reborn needs to get a better population. More complete servers would attract more players.

I think you guys just need a little more direction to the quests. As aposed to roaming around and finding them by accident. Especially to the level 3 sword quest XD
I found it quite fun on there though. Oh yeh and uploading the events I sent you. Check your PMs I just sent a new link.

Haha yeah that’s a complaint I’ve been getting, Hence why we need more FAQs haha but any ideas as to how to direct people to these quests?

An NPC with information or something that would lead one to explore the general area of the entrance to the quest… that would be a good way to direct people towards the quest. :wink:

Yeah one of the main flaws of Enigma is the lack or town organization, I need to get to changing that one of these days haha. Examples?

I would just create a very simple story to follow. That way it can give hints to the town where a quest is and where the quest is also.

To Die!, In all seriousness, make it different than other servers. Stop making huge ass maps full of Bs.

Okay now how about someone with an intelligent suggestion? I mean yes, Enigma is a somewhat large server but everything is currently in a very concentrated section of the map.

You say make it different from other servers, but yet how so? I mean what is similar, if your gonna make a suggestion please do us all a favor and think it out, give us some specifics.

If it was real old Enigma it would be better, with it’s old players and Admins ya know? Along with all of the scripts and it’s old player count of about 60.

But, for a newer Enigma, simple.

Modernize the levels a bit, go over them fix it’s errors. Detail what is there, Compact the map so it fits the smaller playercount, fix the scripts up make them nicer. Smoother. :stuck_out_tongue:


more bloom

It could not exist and you could all reminisce on how amazing you thought it was.

Yeah agreed, anyone who was part of the old team is welcome on mine. This is fairly simple to accomplish as well, how big would you like to see the map?

Come on Spooon, be nice! haha

I still love you <3 Just not the server

I’ll be looking forward to whatever change happens, as long as there is progress that is fun :slight_smile:

Well honestly your comments on the server are what inspired me to post this! I mean I’ve also thought about completely redoing the server, keeping some old content, adding new content, haven’t decided though so I’m just listening to suggestions and am gonna take it from there.

Thanks for the support. :smiley:

What do you mean?

  • Get the main start town, get rid of all the player houses in it (including mine if you hate me :stuck_out_tongue: or if you’re using the old backup copy my house across from the new levels, cause I still exist)
  • Now that you have the main town and cut out all the crap, get rid of flames guild. It is like bigger than the entire server and nobody in it plays Graal anymore.
  • Re-do the overworld and copy over the quests but put them in new places that make more sense
  • Copy some towns across if you feel like preserving them, once again remove all player houses and just keep quests.
  • Try to add a job system to the server and add some more uses for the levelling system rather than just hangout rooms.

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    Basically just cut down on the size of the world by re-making the overworld and remove all player houses & guild houses.