how do i change the rights on rc

i can login to rc but how do i change the rights on it im alittle confused i set my rights level to 99 so i need help:hmm:

I’m a little confused on what exactly your asking, but I think it’s either one of these two things:

You want to host people’s servers and you don’t even know how to set up a server? LOL

ya its been a long time since i hosted a server lol but im getting the hang of it again so it should really be no problem ive since figured it out just rusty as hell

“It’s been a long time” Dude, even if I left for a long time I still wouldn’t consider setting one of my right levels to “99” o_o The hell are you doing?

Be nice. He might not be referring to being here before but rather hosting a 1.39 server before. Or he used to pay for a server on GraalOnline back in 2002 and just found out about us. Stuff works a little bit different here than on GO aswell. Be helpful! :slight_smile:

Okay okay, I’ll write a tutorial about the RC :] Give me a bit, I’ll post it in the tutorials section. Already have most my screen shots for it.

Here it is: