Ice Block Quest

ragequit because I got stuck in the corner of blocks for the third time. This is probably more of a Graal problem though…

I had that happen once. I stopped positioning myself in places where I’d get stuck.

Yeah. What’s weird is we used to use the frozen bush graphic instead of the ice block that we have now and I don’t remember having this issue. I’ll look into it though, see if there isn’t an easy solution. We may just have to put a reset function that’ll warp your player to the door.

That wouldn’t be too bad. Lufia 2 did that when you used the Reset spell

:o there’s a good idea! only today I was complaining about my hatred of chat commands for resetting.

What about allowing players to move themselves a few pixels. Enough to get unstuck but not enough to cheat.

Because I’d use it to get into places I’m not supposed to. Horse + moving a few pixels? Gimme that.

I think the problem exists already because I’m allowed to move a few pixels more than I would like.

The problem is yenairo sucks at graal

Well, he had a good enough idea. Tric is wanting to implement a general Reset Spell that would essentially do a room unstick in specifically defined puzzle areas. That would cut down on chat commands in future quests and should be easy to implement. Not sure how soon we will get to it, but it’s on the docket.

isn’t that like ‘the pot calling the kettle black’ there my friend?

yay I was helpful \o/

Hey Mol. How would you feel about publishing that docket somewhere so this community can work on phoenix when were bored?

We’ve got an online document to keep track of our ideas. I wouldn’t mind publishing what we plan on working on, but it’s just that: stuff we plan on. Often times the stuff gets scratched, changed, or pushed further down the docket. So, lots of these things are simply rough sketches (not all good ideas at first, tbh) and really do no good under criticism in that respect because they might not be implemented at all. I, personally, like to approach these kind of things with creating them close to how I envision them and let you all break them until they work the way you want them to.

There are things that we could use help on, like deciding on what you guys want. For instance, Spooon recommended more mini-games – high score oriented, grindfest kind of things. While I hate them, I’d be more than happy to implement them for you all. What I could use help in is deciding what kind of mini-game you’d like to see. So, I’d be more than happy to open suggestions to certain aspects of the game you’d like to see improved or implemented, but that’s really always been the case.

Rhythm mini-game pls

Elaborate please? Do you mean like zelda’s subrosian dance minigame?

easiest thing to implement would be something like DDR but with Stef.midi lol

I remember attempting to do something like this, the only problem being it’s rather hard to get things ‘in time’ with the music given the lack of audio controls. Looking through my folder I have duck hunt, minesweeper and pacman all with a graal twist I could introduce?

I say we do them all, eventually. I always wanted to do Tetris. It’s weird, though.

Making a game that already exists – like Tetris-- in game that no one really plays. Is that really what people want? You could just play Tetris? I guess for the sake of comparing your score to others here then it’s good, but I don’t know.

Baddie GO

I want Tetris. Beholder wouldn’t make it because he doesn’t like it.