In need of manager!

Since it seems like Nalin has fixed the issues Graal The Adventure had,
I have once again put it online. All it needs now is a proper manager.

Talk to me or Spooon and we’ll give you the rights if you seem fit for the job.

I doubt many are fit for the job…hell I know im not, im too inconsistent

Spooon and kalzor were fit for it, but they grew tired of all the crashbugs.

What would the job of the manager be?
Organizing a proper Dev team for constant updates? Or what…

It would be what you would think of it. Anything.

Basically you get full control and it’s up to you to hire staff and get things running.

Cool, good luck!

I’d be up for the job, Spooon knows of my experience as Manager of a server both on here and on Graal Online, I’d be happy to answer any questions as well.

Aren’t you already running a server?

I’m busy with Classic on GraalOnline. Sorry.

I am but I multi-task :stuck_out_tongue: I mean does it really matter if I manage it well? I’m always hard at work on something new, and that’s not always for Enigma so I do think I would be a good choice for the Manager regardless of whether or not I already run a server…

hmmm, what exactly was fixed?

i am fit for this job

Urza and I could possibly co-manage it. We’re both around daily and we would probably do the most to train decent staff.

It sux that most of u guys are in different timezones to me, so I never see yas ingame.

All you need are Game Coordinators, FAQs, and GPs. Possibly debuggers.


I’m publicly support VW & Urza.

I’ve always said if you really want GPs you might as well make them your FAQ guy as well.

Nonetheless though, if Urza helps out make him drag Arcain with him.

And then (PR) was born.

You mean they actually made a official tag for both? Wow. o_o