In response to the Crap from Shiny's thread

This place is shit, and I wonder why I keep this up. Most of the people I liked in this community is gone because of all the bullshit.

I don’t have to name them, because I believe they know who they are. We used to have a influx of cool people on here until the shitstorm of immature iPhone users flooded these forums. Most active users today is in fact players that came here because they downloaded a game on their iPhones. None of you know what Graal is really about. Heck, people that joined post-p2p on graal barely know what it was all about. I don’t actually blame the iPhone users directly, they just don’t know. It’s the owners of graal that turned the game into shit.

Reborn was supposed to bring back the OLD GRAAL. But fuck that, we make this some shitty version of 4chan instead. People complains we have to few players, no players want to go here because of our incredibly bad reputation. We used to have a bad reputation because of Anti-Unixmad and Anti-Graal, but we managed fix that, until all this shit happened.

And you people wonder why I don’t care working on the website or the software? FUCK YOU.

My time is not worth this shit, if I want to see trolling and memes and other crap like that, I go to 4chan or whatever other site that does it better.

I know resorting to threat is a bit much, but if you people don’t sort yourselves out and stop being so fucking off-topic and flame eachother all the time, I will make this site dissapear. Got it?

If you’d like to make the new website, you’re free to do so! Any help is appreciated! We should all pitch in and make this community awesome, not the opposite!

I’ll make a zip/rar asap.

I apologize for contributing to the flaming in any way. I do want this community to stay alive, but I don’t feel that threats are needed. Sometimes things around here get out of hand, but I’m sure more well put together playerworlds will start popping up soon. I’m still working on Xialza, and The Mollusk is still working on Phoenix. Graal Reborn needs to at least outlast Graal Online.

I’ll apologize to Zartox for assuming he was all talk, I obviously miss-interpreted his threads. Other than that, my harsh replies have been out of anger of how shit the threads on this forum have become.

Instead of flaming eachother, help eachother. If someone makes a dumb post, don’t flame him or her for not knowing any better, just correct him or her in a nice way. Put time and effort into bringing people here instead. If someone new joins, don’t flame and be off-topic in the “hello”-thread. Help them get started. Maybe we could get a new member of two because of recommendations!

People asks themselves “Why play Graal Online when Graal Reborn is free?”. I simply put it like this: Graal Online’s community is slightly less bad. Our community should be a better place! One thing with the new main site is making it easier to actually join the game. And if Downsider actually makes a PC-version of his Graal Reborn game, it will probably be even easier as you could register directly in-game.

We should do a mayor clean up of this forum and bring forward all the useful stuff. The thing you as a member can do, is find useful topics in each sub-forum and bump them so that we who have the rights can sticky them. Old flame threads should either be deleted or archived. We should even remove and/or add new sub-forums.

Any suggestions from the community to make this a better place is greatly appreciated! No suggestions is bad, unless they are unserious. DON’T POST UNSERIOUS SUGGESTIONS. Don’t flame other for their suggestions, tell them WHY it is bad, and give a better suggestion.

I think we could make do with a better script archive which only contains scripts approved by some sort of admin/user.And then have the normal player code gallery beside that. This’ll most likely be of greater use when and if Downsider releases his client to developers with the increase in script complexity/sophistication.

Hm, did someone delete the thread that cadavre is mentioning. I can’t find it :frowning:

Seen that before didn’t know what was being referred to. All the posts were “hard-deleted” so can’t even see them. :(. Mind explaining to me what was said or happened?

I’ll give you FTP to the dev-site when I find the info for it.

It was quite an embarrassing discussion, but in the end it may have been necessary or at least helpful if it is getting us to this point.

Anyway, I won’t recap post by post, but it was a flame/one-up fest about people being useful vs. not useful (constantly trying to troll or just post valueless things). It was heated at times. In the midst of the shit Spooon had said he thought Graalians was much better basically because of the community. The people were more active and contributed a lot more, he said in more words.

I thought what Spooon had said had some truth to it.

I played g2k1 and I loved every moment of it. It was fun. Plain and simple. I ended up leaving just because g2k1 started to decline. Anyway, I didn’t play Graal for like 9 years, but I thought of it often. I had always dreamed of making my own kingdom on g2k1. I realized that was a bit of fantasy, but I still checked up on Graal every once in awhile. I had seen Graal Reborn, but I didn’t understand what it was exactly. When I found out I came to Graal Reborn because Free Graal was the best idea I’d ever heard of… Especially after I saw what Graal Online had become (Beholder had said the site looked like a gambling website for children - no doubt that was true).

I have been surprised to find out the communities on the other forums are thriving a bit more. Most of the active users here and active users there. I couldn’t understand why fully. Graal Reborn is everything that is Graal (minus the NPC server I suppose), but free. Why are we suffering for that? My point being we absolutely have the potential to be a thriving community, but it won’t happen naturally.

The forums run because we post and of the things we post, and for the things we do here. If we can get a handful of player-worlds and helpful, civil and intelligent conversation, I think we might start to have a remedy there.

I love this stupid game and I have turned it into a hobby of mine. I’m not sure what I can do, but I want to do whatever I can to make this place cool as hell. I’m working on a player-world which will be completed and should prove to be fulfilling for some. That being said I couldn’t have done it with out a few people from this community or that made this community possible and I want to give back.

I love this place.

I’m not sure how much this would help, but I think if we put together something like a GR Starter Pack then we could help a lot of newcomers out. It would come with a small overworld and some basic scripts. Maybe even a simple pack of scripts for a dungeon. And each level would have a note explaining things on how you need to detail levels or something like to spread houses across the world to make things more interesting. Each script would also be simple and have a good explanation of it. Even more good tutorials and resources such as the better tileobjects.txt and some tutorials on how to make a level nice could really fix up this community.

We have cool people here, they just refuse to post because of the shit that goes on when they do. If I had any more fingers of blame pointing at me I might as well point my own hands at myself instead. I do/did apologize for the flaming in that discussion-- and all over the site. It’s deleted now and it’s probably for the best, but I wont forget what I said about keeping my flaming and useless posts off the site. It is/was kinda like 4chan here or some shitty board where users gang up on noobies and iUsers. If this were my other community I would be telling everyone there to shut the fuck up because it makes us look bad and unprofessional. I think if we all work hard enough we can clean our name for ourselves, even if it’s probably a name past redemption. So, it’s not my place to ask, but if we could all refrain from looking for vulnerability in eachother’s posts and exploiting them, could we all just do that? I wont say “I’ll do my part if you do yours,” because I’ll do my part anyway. But damnit, I hope everyone can stop like I am about to. I don’t come here very often because I hate it here, I come here very often because I like each and every one of you guys in the community. Even the ones I have a hard time getting along with. I really would hate to see this site go down like another community I know.

Cheers, to a new GR. One without the “4ch elements,” and a friendlier community.

I have no idea what happened, but whatever the deal is, I agree. There has always been flaming, trolling and anything imaginable in-between with Graal and related things since the late 90’s. I’m not saying it’s right, I’m just saying that it’s always around and probably always will be, the best we can do is not fuel that fire when it occurs. What we need is a centralized and positive focus with everyone on the same page. Something that dozens of people can come to, contribute to, and play daily just like a good old time game. I can’t speak for everyone, but I personally have no problem with anyone here and I don’t see why we can’t stay together, work together and get out of 1st gear. I believe positive and great things are still possible at some point.

hey cadvre, not sure what went on. but i can assure you, i will be working on chronicles of arkasus fairly frequently soon to bring a more adventure/zelda clonish experience back to give new players something to do. i do think most of the developers here, should devote a lot more time to their servers, but also…i think we all should devote out skills and some of our time partially to a main server where everyone can contribute to. i have been playing graal for an extremely long time, i am 27 now, and been rocking this game since the very beginning. like…one solid server. i even saw the beginnings of kharlia and soon servers became a playerlist etc. so i know what you are getting at. and its community. i love this board and conversing with others here. but i understand it should be an in game thing. the community should begin putting a bit of time into a main server, and getting some solid content going. with everyone contributing just a little bit, making quests, working together on graphics, GUI’s, systems, weapons, items, boss AI, enemies, etc. not only would there be a fully developed server, but it includes everyone to make things and work on shit together.

and i have seen a bit of what you speak of. the pissing contest between oldbie GR peeps need to come to an understanding, that in order for this community to grow, you need to welcome new people and educate them.

when i get a little more situated, i will be begin working more on my server. but i am also free to apply any level designs, enemies i make, or any graphics that are needed if you guys decide its a cool idea to build a full community server. then we wont be on the forums so much bickering and etc. equality, content, action, all that good stuff will move this place forward faster.

just an idea and my opinion. i am open to help in anyway i can. :smiley:

I have to admit seeing Cadavre topic starter reminded me of the old days of graal.

I was going to hand GR down to my kids.

Why are you all bringing up playerworlds? Playerworlds aren’t going to fix the forums.

True! The problem of lacking content game-wise is a unrelated (not entirely) problem. But as soon as we get more civilized here and help people get started, playerworlds might get going and people might stay. Who knows?

The main issue of this thread is all the constant bickering, flaming, trolling, namecalling, etc that has been going on too long. We tried to keep it at bay with the misc and /b/-subforums but, that didn’t really help though, did it? What we all need to do is put our differences aside and try to ignore when people act like kids. Face it, many people on here ARE basically kids and don’t know better. What the more mature (older people) should do, is act their age and correct the behaviour in a nice way. If someone does something bad. Report it and the user will get an infraction. Flaming will only cause more problems than fixing them.

Cadavre I agree with that.

As I mostly read the GR topics without posting (mostly scripting threads), I will get more involved to promote a more collaborative community. I personally do not want people to stop being critics towards scripting, GFX, LVL making etc… However flaming to flame although it can be humorous is not what this site is about. is about collaboration and contributions in making GraalReborn (the game) better as well as continue to remain free as Graal being free is what this sites was founded on.

Graal the game being playerworlds can harbor all sorts of PW’s that can harbor a community of it’s own. These communities can do as they please without GR having any interference with them once so ever (exceptions being hacking, spamming). If they want to create PW’s and base there communities around 4chan or Anti-GR then so be it however this type of interaction is not the intention of what GR is. If someone doesn’t like it here they are welcome to start a graal community somewhere else with that type of crowd outside of No one from GR will stop a individual from starting another community, No one from GR will stop a individual and or community from creating a PW, and no one will be banned on GR if they are associated with a community that we may not like EX: Unholy Nations (if you are old school graal player remember Unixmad banning people because they joined the antiunixmad or graal sites). If a person does not like it then go and create a community of your own because that’s not what the GR platform is about, as should be about a environment that is conducive for collaboration and contributing for game developing.

Flaming should be kept to a minimum, but to much of it is just bad. I personally would not be asking much, I’m just asking for people be semi-civil in a discussion and when a new member stops by not to flame them until after they are involved with the community and even then flame them some but not to much. If someone posts up something that’s already been posted up flame a little bit then link them to the area where it’s been said as well as the answer to there question. That’s kind of how GR was back a few years but I guess it got out of hand with the iphone users teens who do not know any better.

Speaking of iphone graal users. GR is and never will relate to iphone graal users. To GR members it’s about being a player developer to a iphone user it’s about being a player and only a player. To iphone graal users GR looks similar to 4chan because they simply do not understand how GR operates and therefore these people think it’s ok to flame when there is a lot more to GR than just flaming like actually making a entire PW. Most iphone users I would assume do not even log onto a PW hosted on GR because they think of the GR as another stomping ground to treat like 4chan than anything else. GR needs to get across to the iphone users that this isn’t a stomping ground for such activities as there is much to GR than this.

GR is for nerds, geeks, goths, emo’s and everything in-between that have a desire to collaborate and or contribute. Any iphone user or another flaming excessively or doing something inappropriate to excess will be shown the door because that’s not what GR is about.