Intro Story?

It would be very useful for my server. I need to make it only play once and then it doesn’t bother players every time they walk into the OSL. I’m sure I could do something like this

if(playerenters){ say 0; destroylocal?; }
but I would rather have a book image or gui. If someone could just “doctor up” my code I would be happy anyways…

Have the default account start in a leve similar to the OSL, but with a different name.

say blarg;
sleep 3;
setlevel osl;

Thanks. I’ll make them start in the noob tutorial :smiley:

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Meh. While I’m here to be annoying I was also wondering; how would I make something that sets you as a clan. I thought it would be cool if it changed your AP to something different so everyone has a different colored name depending on their Clan (there will be five of them) and you would select it as a GUI. Would this even be possible?

GS1 makes anything possible, you just need to know the scripting commands to do it.

kthanks. if anyone could direct me a GUI scripting guide it would be helpful (just give me a link to a good one from search)

I’ve asked this one before. Here you go:

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Thanks. I’ll shut up for a while now.