iPhone client

Ok, this will make people post random, unrelated comments, but i gotta ask. I know somebody who is working on a graal reborn client for the iPod…

First, has anybody else attempted this? And who is interested in this working?

talk to benjiro and darkblade. There the noobs who are stupid enough to try that shit.

It isn’t really possible without coding a TON of custom shit :confused:

DarkBlade quit doing it. In order to create an iPhone client you must obtain app-developing software. As Alex said, it isn’t possible without coding.

Knowing you, u probably used ifile and copied and pasted more than half of iclassic’s codes

Knowing you, you aren’t smart enough to figure out that graal reborn can’t run with the same coding that graal online uses x.x

Knowing you, you aren’t smart enought to figure out that graal reboen uses the same coding that graal online uses. Only problem is that it requires a NPC-Server :>

will you stop fighting… all of you cant code a iphone client (blanket statement)
period, the person if he wanted to make a iphone client would be beholder, joey, nalin, even then it might not be on the itunes store, so the people who want to play it would have their ipods jailbroken.

It’s not possible without a bytecode compiler for GS2 scripts. If we had one of those, the sky would be the limit.

well… I got something that may or may not PARTIALLY decompile gs2 bytecode… it kinda dumps the weapons and so on and makes them semi readable…

im just gonna wait for a working windows emulator to come out for android. then nothing will stop me from playing graal.

if i made a client i wouldnt put it in the apple store, i dont want a lawsuit against me. also joey (i think it was him) coded graal rc for windows mobile.

I want to see a new client for the pc before iphone.

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Knowing you, this post is wrong. GraalReborn recoded their clients on how they work. Pretty sure its the same for the GServer. :>

I thought the client wasn’t touched

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ok heres an example of what this program does… Would we be able to work off of this?

wait- wtf Reborn is all gs1 why would we need a gs2 bytecode decompiler???

Everything posted so far in this thread is almost completely wrong.

That (private, i.e. you shouldn’t even have it) tool originated from Reborn and what you have there is GS2 bytecode.

I must’ve missed out lol, what tool is this? But yeah - it’s useless, it just has the dictionary of words/events/functions on top, and assembly code following the end i guess.

The tool’s on the other SVN, and the stuff at the bottom is GS2’s bytecode, while the top is the dictionary of strings/events/functions/whatever used in the script.