Jelly Day is official GR national holiday!

As I looked back in the history more people wanted to have Jelly Day than to have nothing. so we need to pick a month and a day. I think Jelly day should be in the summer in the end of may so May so the last Saturday in may would be what I’d like. anybody else for month and day?

I agree on the date. Maybe I’ll have the logo change on Jelly Day or something. :stuck_out_tongue:

Someone wants to add some jellyfishes attacking the current logo?

What the hell is Jelly Day?

I’m guessing it’s when Jellyfish exploited a glaring security hole in the Graal Support Center and then hacked the fuck out of it.

no, it’s the day when jellyfish screwed the graal reborn community over.

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back in 2007

Oh yeah, I remember that. :F

yeah, after we got the forums back a few months later we noticed that Jelly had designated a event on a Calender called “Jelly Day”. And so why not? So does May sound good for everybody? I was thinking to celebrate it on two days, it be cool to have it on a Wednesday or something then we could take off school/work honoring that day as a real holiday but also reserve Saturday as well for kids still in school because it’s mandatory that they be there.

I mean I’d take of a Wednesday to celebrate. We could even meet up or something with people close by and celebrate (if anybody is up to it).

Too bad the real Jelly Day wasn’t this amusing.

It’s kinda like Independence Day. :stuck_out_tongue:

that movie was horrible

Was not. It is a classic anyway. And I wasn’t referring to the movie. More of what the day represents.

JellyFish was gigantic turd - why not call the day “Fuck JellyFish Day”

Jelly Day is a reminder of what happened. Making it “Fuck Jellyfish Day” would piss him off and possibly give him a reason to attack us again.

I thought it be cool for GR to have a official national holiday, then tell my friends that I’m having a party at my place because I’m celebrating Jelly Day. Taking off work to celebrate Jelly Day would be cool too lol

makes sense

meh Jelly Day is what you make of it. I never fought in that war that happened a long time ago yet I still celebrate Independence Day because I love shooting off fireworks. We’re not here to celebrate war cause war is bad but a day that is of our own in this world would be pretty cool

Wasn’t so much of a war as it was this.

I thought it was more like this.

No, that would have been better, if not scarier.

I vote for labor day.