jesus h. christ

jesus harold christ

That’s when I would jump off the cliff to the right or left side of your screen, it’s basically just gonna be a time saver.

Except you can’t.


Thankfully I was using save states like a cheating faggot.
I still need to kill Giygas, pfft. I was busy getting my Gutsy bat there…

I just beat Mother 3 too… I need to play Mother 1 and beat it for once.

Buuut right now I want to play FFX and FFXII

FFXII <3 The world of Ivalice is amazing.

i never liked the mother games. earthbound is sweet though.

Let’s hope they don’t make any more games from Ivalice and screw it up then.

Have fun with the grinding bro.

You sir are fucking stupid. You don’t like the Mother games, but you like Earthbound…?

Sometime, get off your ass and google ‘Mother series’ derp.

I believe he means he didn’t like them in general, but he only liked Earthbound :confused:

Yeah the grind in Mother 1 is hard, I know.

Also the world of Ivalice has been used many times in different ages in the Final Fantasy series but I like to think the FFXII incarnation is one of the best.

I wasn’t fond of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.
I was however fond of Final Fantasy Tactics, very much so.

Not how he worded it. Yes, I’m being a grammar nazi.

Don’t you be hatin’ on me broz.

I loved FFTA :open_mouth: I haven’t really played FFT as I want to actually play it on a system rather than ROM it.

Well I’d just play it in ePSXe honestly, I’ve bought FFT three times now it seems like…
I know I destroyed one copy with a bug bomb.

Either way it runs really well in ePSXe and you can use hotkeys in some of the GPU plugins to adjust the frame rate on the fly, very useful in this sort of game.

I get tired of waiting.

Final Fantasy Tactics was amazing. Pretty much showed you that the hero never really win. Ramza saves Ivalice, but is forever known as a heretic.

It also showed that if you work hard enough you too can become a mime.

Too bad mimes suck. Plus it had the best glitch ever. You could master a lot of the classes instantly.

Choose low rank spell, scroll the list, pay for spell you can’t get, ???, 99999999 JP!!!