JS Reborn


On paper, a game that involves grinding should be a flop. But they’re not all…

I had an idea for PWA some months ago. There’d be a weekly fight for a “crown” and the owner of the crown would be unlootable. Otherwise, the berries found in the trees, which would have had multiple uses and ways to transform were to be used as a kind of currency that would be lootable. Players carrying such goods would have a bag around their waist and there would be multiple tricks to hide you are in fact carrying berries. It is still pretty much prototypical but here’s an economy that doesn’t revolve around money…

Like tricxta, I think that the editor should enable players to add content and that the game should revolve around that, if it’s to have an editor at all. But it’s rammy’s game and my editor would at first simply be an interface to tile levels.


Yeah as soon as you open it up to community development this game might explode. Could start it off with simple javascript includes.


What you’re saying definitely makes sense but the reason I’m working on in game mechanics as opposed to providing a platform for other users to build off of is because there is no level system. What I had in mind was to allow users
to contribute once we had our own level editor (which 2ndwolf will eventually be working on). I can definitely create a system for parsing js scripts but people will then have to manually create levels with code and that would be pretty annoying. I think its best to wait until we have the editor set up. Users would then be able to upload their files to the server and the code will auto-generate the levels in our game.

Definitely, I would love to have the set up. I also agree with what both of you are saying, the whole mining idea and etc are more goals of what I’d like to see in a game but the main focus of this project is to enable users to create their own servers. As far as game mechanics go, aside from basic things, they’ll differ based on each individual server.

I’d rather not open source the whole thing at this point for reasons I’ve highlighted previously, but also for the purpose of keeping the project under one general entity. However, server creation/level design will be a top priority once the editor is set up.


Why isnt 2ndwolf done yet?


The economy will be made of dancing in the main area where everyone will hang out, and you get points for every successful dance (people have to /clap to help make your /dance successful)


I wasn’t to sure how you wanted the sheet placed or if you were going to mirror/flip the images.


That’s great, thank you! I’ll make the appropriate sheet out of it.


I would play this


I decided to read “Eloquent Javascript” first. I will likely not start before I’m done with the book, from which I’m learning real programmation vocabulary.

I could have just picked up a “make your own JS game” tutorial and used devdocs but I’d rather not take shortcuts this time.


If you make mining a central mechanic it gives way to all kinds of stuff like vast tunnel networks filled with greedy baddies that assualt your mining camps. You could make tons of content by making a giant underworld connected to the overworld where you could offer different types of gameplay. Maybe combine grinding for ore with defending from enemies while doing so and add dungeons in the mines and when players get bored of that they can return to the surface for additional content.


Sounds fun


Another direction you could go with this, is to have the entire game take place in the mines. Have two factions Greedy dwarves and dispicable Goblins who are both cave dwelling, ore mining factions competeing over ore, turf, ect. Some elaborate underground dwarven cities would make some interesting ingame environments to explore. I don’t know when I think of mining focus thats what I think of not the pic axe, rock breaking, soul crushing, sausage fest, that is a money making mechanic on several pws.


More editors please.


hurry up 2ndwolf! we are all waiting on you now


So far so good with the sword animation. I still need to adjust the frames, but here’s a quick iphone video demonstrating it (since my screenshot tool won’t process it).
Assume that every time the camera shakes, I’m tapping the spacebar.



Music to vape to.


YouTube is very stingy about muting audio. They’d much rather you take advantage of their wide selection of shitty garage band loops.


Looking swell. :]


I’ve been extremely busy with college applications and finals to review for these past few days, so I wasn’t able to get any work done.
However, I did manage to find a functioning javascript tile editor that seems fairly simple code-wise.
All that really need to be done to fit our needs is to get it to generate tiles out of user-selected portions of a tileset, rather than having to choose from a limited number of tile images.
Everything else has already been done: loading level data, outputting level data, placing tiles on a map, changing the size of the map and etc…
If anyone would like to mess around with it, shoot me a pm.


Just post the specific requirements in this thread. We can all give it a shot