JS Reborn


Here’s the link to the repo: https://github.com/tinthetub/JSReborn

I’m currently working on a readme to explain as much as I can about the code and how to get started with it.
Best of luck! Again, I haven’t fully given up on the project and I’ll be asking for help from other developers as soon as I can.

[USER=“10627”]2ndwolf[/USER], feel free to commit your editor to the git I started!



Not sure how to introduce this since I haven’t been on the forums for quite some time…

I managed to rewrite a great deal of the JSReborn engine this weekend and now the players and game objects are entirely generated through Canvas.
For the most part, I had dropped this project because I simply wasn’t able to (and didn’t really have the time to learn how to) draw objects in canvas with DOM-type functionality.
Furthermore, the game map is now completely tile based - with a tile map and separate collision map and I finally implemented a player-follow camera!

The reason I’m posting today is that I was finally able to spend some time (thank god for college break) learning how to use Canvas and implementing HTML5 game mechanics.
For those that don’t know much about game development, this means several things:

  • Less lag - Canvas eliminates the endless list of DOM objects that clutter the browser and hinder performance.
  • Less code - Making it substantially easier for me to debug.
  • Mobile capabilities - Porting this over to iOS or Android app stores would be fairly simple upon completion

I haven’t gotten to animations yet (as you can see in the video, the player remains static while moving) but I am fairly certain that I can have that done soon.

What does this mean for you?

Well, if I can get the player animations done soon I’ll have the game up and running as early as next week for you guys to test!
By the way, the lag and blur in the video is all from the recording software I’m using.

Oh and [USER=“470”]Chicken[/USER], I used your tiles for the demo if you don’t mind!


Looking cool :slight_smile:

Not a problem mate. The tiles were made for people to use :slight_smile:


Update: in!

Here’s what I managed to get done since my initial post:

[]Main page - with username authentication and a player head selector
]Idle system - publicly adds an idle indicator to a player’s username when they switch out of the game tab
[*]Walking animation (local player) - only works for the current user, other players in the game still move with a static frame, see the video for reference.
[/LIST] Things I’d like to finish before I release a link to the beta:

[]Chat system - very basic for now, much like the one on the old engine
]Walking animation (all players)
[/LIST] Hope you all enjoy: