Kandora is Hireing

I am looking for 1 LAT, that can make really good Dungeons like Zelda SNES Style I need a hand, on getting these done so the final version of Kandora can be released soon.


Hrm. PM me, we’ll talk.

Closed. no longer hireing

I think it was dead anyway…

I can’t say I’ll work for Kandora but I’d be happy to help out once in awhile if you need it.


well we might need help beening my comp mother bored is blow and I cant do anything on this nety book so i am kinda screwed I feel bad I dont wan to my team tot hink I just up and left them,but I trust urza has it all under control he knows the game plan just the final release is gonna be pushed back now. and LOL Spooon lol, was it dead today VW, that bites.

who would wanna work for kandora, there staff are kill joys! I know from expeirience…

dude I hired u to be nice but u couldnt even make the simplest thing.

Stop sucking.

I meant the hiring thread, but yes Kandora was dead too.

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I’ve screen capped every level, now your server is mine forever!

Lots of free time?

lol i wus moving in stereo

lol, well I hope V4 will change what ppl think about Kandy.

Hah. It just means that you’re going to have to remake it.

To be fair they have been working on it for at least a month in the background. I haven’t bothered keeping up with it, but they’ve been working on it instead of the public version.

been a lot longer then a month been like fuck I dont rember like 3 months now I think not too sure. but we work around the clock, we r just trying to make a really good server that everyone will like and we want it to be great its not just for me, or my team we want to make it for everyone and have fun on it as well, make things that people will love.

Good thing that you think to be sure.

WTF!!! stay the fuck out of this! and saputo i was only half hired… I couldnt do anything and therefore there was no point in you hiring me, which is why theres not much point in working for kandora

You’re a lost cause. Leave because I’m stick of hearing about all of your problems.
“WHY DOES IT FAIL SO MUCH…” It’s beacuse you suck.
“NEED PROTECTION” It’s because you suck.