Kandora V4 PREVIEW!

We have been hard at work for a Very Long time, We have had a lot of set backs and Now, I the Owner Are Asking you input.

The World Map As we know it, So Far This IS what we got.


The Main Boss’s Keep Outside (First Part of the game only, More Boss’s for each Expansion made :P)


The Grave Yard and Maze IN the Works


Starting Area/ Quest Area


Dungeon 2 Map


Well I hope you enjoyed your Preview, If You have any Suggestions or Ideas Please feel free to leave them.

Thank You

                    The Kandora Team

Looks nice so far :smiley:

nice tileset rofl

it’s a mixed tileset Mr. Spoon, and Thank you Pie

The Tile set I am using / making and updating ect. is called

kandora_shiny-tileset.png I give credit were it is do.

where it is due? ok

So is it Shiny’s tileset or Shiny’s with my edits?

it’s parts of Shiny’s and part mine lol, what does it matter still credit is there, I am not claiming it as my own, lol, only my work is mine ull see in time lol

these levels are great, I cant wait to see the whole to see it online :smiley:

it looks exciting and to think that nobody was working on kandora :eek:

lol we have been working for a very long time, we just stopped releasing beta test on the public server that’s all

update looks good; mixing tilesets seems to be an art in itself.

Keep up the good work!

snort no comment.

lol, not really mix and matching lol, i really just started with the Dusty tileset then added a new green tree from Shinys work b/c of that tree nothing lined up and grass was all wrong so I just made it all custom after that, and beening making it more and more of my work each day, about 45% of the tileset is Shinys stuff now, but whats it really matter lol.

Dusty == Shiny, lol
waits for an “oh, fuck.”

yea I know that thats y the tileset is call


LOL damn kids

Then why did you refer to him as two people?

lol I didnt I said yes I use the Dusty Tileset, b.c its called that I know who made it, any who back to Kandora what do u guys think about it so far and if u have any ideas for anything please feel free.


So what?

ny time I post anything about Kandora Spoon kills the threads he’s jealous I guess

Thumbs down on how you spelled Spooon, it looks funny that way.