Keeping the server up and running!

I’m totally broke. :frowning: I can barely pay for this month on the server, which is $40 (USD). Anyone care to help with keeping the site up?

Donation URL:
Direct transfer Paypal Email: [email protected]

I can donate $40, but I thought it was set until 2014?

Keeping the server up and running!

That’s the domains. Server and domains are not tied together. :slight_smile: I have to pay about $40 every month to keep this up. And I’ve done that since 2010, out of my own pocket. But that’s been okay since I used the server for other stuff aswell, but now it’s pretty much only OpenGraal and Graal Reborn related stuff running on it.

40$ a month seems hefty O_o
I used to pay like 120$ a year for my old website… who’s your provider?
And also does it comprise the listserver hosting?

Anyhow, I’ve just added my bank account to my paypal so in 3-5 days I’ll be able to donate :slight_smile:

Cadavre, what are VPS plan specs?

It’s a whole server, not just webhosting. It hosts the listserver + database + irc + some gservers besides the website. We have access to 5 ip-adresses, pretty good storage for our software, pretty good internetconnection which is unlimited (no monthly cap). So I think the price is pretty good. I’m gonna look how the yearly prices are and if there’s some discount of doing so if you want to help pay for it.

I’d be ready to pay 50 bucks if you give me access to the board’s source code so I can hack the PHP highlight thing :wink:

No need to sell yourself on the streets yet, I can spare $40 this time. :stuck_out_tongue:

Are there any other ways to donate besides Paypal? Paypal decided to go retarded on me several months ago and no longer lets me transfer money from my checking account, they won’t fix it and I simply dislike paypal anyway. Perhaps bitcoin or some other method?

I’ll throw down some cash.

The donate link appears to allow usage of a debit/credit card without logging into paypal. But it defaults to the U.K. link and requires a U.K. County and stuff. I don’t live in Avalon or Wales so that’s a no go and I can’t figure out how to change it over to U.S. or other countries.

post the paypal email to send to <-- The donate button on top of this site and the donate button on the serverlist in client.
[email protected] <-- if you rather make direct transfer.

OP updated.

ok. that should keep us going for a few more months.

I’ll tack on another month to it as well.

I donated a month, too.

Thank you for donating! I’ve paid for this month, but are currently looking for better alternatives that offer hosting. One is PRQ that used to host Piratebay and a bunch of other trackers and stuff. They would certainly not fall for Unixmad’s false DMCA’s and such. But it costs about $77/mo for the cheapest one and it has basically the same specifications as our current setup but smaller harddrive.

If any of you have any good idea of a hosting provider that can provide a Ubuntu or Debian server with 100 Mbit w/ high monthly transfer, 2 external ips (minimum) with a cheap monthly/yearly price with decent hardware, please post them here.

P.s. We don’t just need webspace but also the ability to run applications on the server. The provider should also not back down to false DMCA threats.

switch to my plan. it’s more than capable. i have already shown you the specs.

Having that very issue myself. Workaround for non-paypal members?

I have no issue choosing which country and all that. :S Otherwise I have no idea. I don’t want to give out my bank account credentials and such.