Killstreak/Deathstreak ideas

Alright one of my ideas for VS is to have a killstreak/deathstreak system… in which you can purchase these skills and set them as your active killstreak/deathstreak in a simple GUI…

You would only be able to set one killstreak and one deathstreak at a time. Once you attain the killstreak, a message will pop up saying you can use the skill, then you would be able to press like… the ‘w’ key for example and the effect will happen. All the killstreaks/deathstreaks would be individual NPC’s you will buy with PK points, or the price may depend on your PKlevel or kills/baddie kills…perhaps even gralats but i want to save gralat spending on misc npc’s/fun stuff…

I’m thinking the different levels will be 2, 3, and 5 killstreak skills, same with deathstreaks…obviously the 5 streak skills are gonna be much better than the 2 or 3 ones.

Heres what i’ve come up with so far, i want to get some input from the community on more ideas or balancing issues…

2 kill streak
(Getting 2 kills on a player(s) without dieing)
-Sword Beam: your sword wings shoot a beam out that hurt the target
for .5 damage, lasts 6 seconds.

-Venom Blade: You gain this effect for 3 seconds, while active your
sword swings poison a player, making them take .5 damage
every 2 seconds for 6 seconds. DOES NOT STACK

3 kill streak
(Getting 2 kills on a player(s) without dieing)
-Ring of Fire: Fireballs surround you, hurting enemies that touch you
for 1 damage. Effect lasts 5 seconds

.::Death streaks::.
2 death streak
(Dieing 2 times without getting a kill on another player)
-Sprint: You run at high speed to escape your foes, lasts 3 seconds.

-Invisiblity: You slip into the unseen shadows and go invisible to
make your escape, lasts 4 seconds.

3 death streak
(Dieing 3 times without getting a kill on another player)
-Rejuvination: Gain 1 fullheart every second for 4 seconds[/CODE]

And what happens when Spooon gets a 63 kill streak?

he wont

Well, I already have a great plan for when I’m scripting this xP It’ll be great…

I like the kill streaks ideas xD

Nothin, the skills dont stack, and you can only have one set at a time. There wont be skills that activate after a 15 killstreak, thats ridiculous, im pretty sure it’l stop at 5.

and if you lame a noob for 5 kill then so what, youll be able to use a really powerful skill but it may only last a few seconds, and chances are that noob has a deathstreak he can activate to get away

I should also note the AP system was tweaked, it takes a LOONG time to get 100ap. Gold namers will be like oldbies on this server, NPC’s with gold names will carry really valuable information as well. Theres a quest that allows you to choose a skill, the ability to pause or regnerate health, so yes you can pause but it wont do you much good as a PKer.

I say go to like 20 streak bonuses x.x

the maxhearts is 8 and the maxsword is 2, in a real pk situation lol, itd be near impossible to get a 20 kill streak on one person with the same stats as you, let alone if others are pking in a group

Ah xP 15 xD

5 death streak: Last Resort
At 20% health left, do 200% more damage.

4 Death Streak: Iron Hide
Be invincible to sword damage for 5 seconds upon first contact with a sword in that life.

5 killstreak: Shock and Awe
Send out a blast radius from your body (a circle blast wave) that expands and damages everyone in the level.

3 Killstreak: Adrenaline Rush
Run at 200% speed for 7 seconds.

That quest is fucked. I beat the aquari for it’s ear after great difficulty and then the old man’s house wouldn’t open…

yawn I’m a beasty.

I like those mirage…how should they be triggered? A button on the keyboard? Or a click?

Yeah the door has been fixed now, again it was an issue with the created command

as for button or click, a button is more fluid as most if not all of us play with the D pad, and are right handed. it’s easier to tap ‘w’ after spawning.

Yup…W it is!

Also, why can’t I get into the witches well?

You say “jump in”. I couldn’t figure how to get out though.

You need 50 rupees and it’s impossible to make money on the server, literally. Also, she tells you that you say “leave” to get out lol.

xD lolol…it is easy to make money x.x

Just in all money related scripts i added in && !strequals(#a,Kondie)… MY BAD

No you didn’t. Shut the hell up.

25 Kill streak; Nuke
Everyone dies on map