Klust Engine

Hey Graal Reborn :slight_smile:

You all know that I’ve been working on a Graal-like Game Engine for some time now,
It’s definitely nothing close to what Jatz, Codr, Tricxta, Cadavre… are cooking and
I think this is the third time that I’ve posted regarding my work so I hope that it
doesn’t piss anyone off lol, but I’ll just get to it anyway…
I was previously using Unity and decided to port everything over and just write my own Engine.
So I came up with Klust, it runs on JQuery, HTML & CSS.
If you watch the video below, you’ll see some the current features I added to it.
This is very basic, I made it in a week. I hope that I’ll get to add more to it later.

*Baddies (lol, the blob)
*Inventory System (can be dragged around screen too)
*Simple Bank System (not much yet, but I’m going to add drag/drop soon)
*HTML enabled Chatbox (you can type things like and , I did disable some annoying tags though).
*Notifications (when you hit a certain object or sign).
*Shop System -Recently Added-.

Working on:
*Multiplayer (hosted on Scribble, the site is currently down so I’ll have to wait on that).
*Larger Map (with Graal like view).
*Item picking (Add to inventory and drag/drop).
*Mobile Optimization (Move with iControl, browser will detect if Mobile or not so that they don’t bother the PC users).

Not sure when I’ll release it.
I just want to make sure that it’s bug-free for the most part.
As far as Level Editing and Scripting goes.
I want players to add things with JQuery, I won’t even bother making a language because:
I don’t know how to write a fricken compiler and players will want to learn JQuery anyway cuz it’s a real language.
Plus those who already know how to use will enjoy it even more.
I started working on a Tile Editor, it won’t be done anytime soon, sorry.

Post whatever you think needs to be added to it (other than what I listed above).

Oh and: The Graphics used in the video are not mine. (for those of you who might whine about that).



Looking good

You’re awesome.

Your own engine? You’re awesomer.

Klust Engine

My only concern is that since it’s running JQuery, anyone can easily view and edit the source. So I might have to try to install one of those “JavaScript Desktop Application Maker” programs that hides the code and creates an executable (or something like it).
There may be a better method though, so if any of you know about that, I’d love to get some help.

Edit: node.js and socket.io should do the trick.

jQuery isn’t a “real language”, jQuery is a JavaScript library.

Besides that little nit-pick, it’s looking decent so far for a weeks progress, good job. Although I’m not a fan of browser based games personally.

Nice job so far. You’re doing well :slight_smile:

Klust Engine

Thanks guys.

Yes I know that JQuery is a JS library (hence why I put it in italic), I hope you know what I meant by that :).

Also, I’ve only dabbled in client-side languages so it was the only option for me and I don’t think it should matter much at this point either as I can directly port it over to iOS and/or make it run server side with node. However, I will be running into trouble later with Scribble and Multiplayer support, so let’s just see how it goes.

___Merged doublepost__________________

Here’s an update on the Shop System I made today:

*Buy Items. (several to choose from)
*Item Notification. (Buy/Cancel)
*Add to Free Slot in Inventory.

Working On:
*Adding more items to the shop.
*Sell Items to the shop.


Awesome, but change the name because it sounds kind of retarded. I mean its lust with a k in front of it. Or at least improve on it, for instance xXFaZe1337KLuST69eNgiNeXx

I hope that if you’re coding a shop system, that you have it based on an array that can be changed on the go, so that when you do add a new item, it doesn’t mean you have to bend over backwards.

For example, when I scripted the phoenix shop system, each shop defined what to buy and sell this way:

// NPC made by tricxta
if (playerenters){
  setshape 1,96,32;
  setstring this.buy,//name,icon,price,description,script buy flag,buy multiple bit
    "Cheap Lure",cda_bait0.png,10,"A poorly crafted lure.",buyWeakLure,0,
    Bread,ph_bread-icon.png,4,"If fish see bread, they might be attracted!",buyBread,1,
    "Fishing Rod",fishingrodicon.png,100,"A basic, short-lined Rod",buyRod,0,
    "Fishing Map",ph_map-icon.png,2,"A map revealing known fishing locations.",buyFishMap,0;

  setstring this.sell,
  this.sellQty = {10,1};

  setstring this.skin,ph_shop_gui.gif;
  setstring this.icon,ph_mining_shop-icon.png;

  this.canSell = 1;
  join shopSetup;

if (playertouchsme){
  this.sellSource = {strtofloat(#s(client.fish)),1};//quantities of selling items

The idea with such systems is to always make them dynamic as possible. I hope you’re doing so, and if not, going back and attempting such a design.

Klust Engine

I’ve been looking to try to beef up my shop system and make it practical and dynamic.
And the thought of storing each item data in an array as you mentioned before is exactly what I’m going to do now.
Probably a good a idea for me to do that for several other things too as there’s a lot of repetitive code that needs to be shortened.

Klust Engine

An Update:
I got around to making the server side version of the game.
Just converted it from a .hta (it’s an old windows html app format) to .exe.
I’ll be updating frequently and usually around Tuesdays. Some
older kids at my school decided to start a programming club, so I’ll have time to
work while I’m teaching them. (fear not, only some basic html) :wink:


Working On:
*Good way to make money (possibly through Mining Ore and Turning it into Coins).
*Waiting for Scribble to get back up so I can start the Multiplayer.

Edit: screw Scribble it’s not going back up anytime soon, I’m switching to SmartFox servers.

So when can we play?

:excited: Well I’ve been reluctant to release due to two main reasons:

  1. Nothing to do yet (I haven’t started any quests or activities yet, everything I posted above has been made, but that’s about it). As far as multiplayer goes, I could have had it done by now but Scribble servers crashed or something soI had to wait. I’ll be looking into other alternatives though.
  2. Involuntarily Insecure (Source Manipulation). Although, I have fixed this issue, the program I used is a trial and it displays a shitty “Made by…” pop up every other minute. So I’ll be looking into other programs/methods to deal with this.

Bottom line: Give me about a week or two to fix and add things and I’ll have something up and running for you guys to test. If you really can’t wait I’ll shoot you a pm with a link this weekend.

You know that I make these things for the benefit of the community and a chance to put my skills to the test, so I might as well release something worthwhile at first, so you keep coming back for more!

Can’t wait!

Klust Engine

An Update:
*Basic Mining System (Animated Sprite for player is being added as I speak).
*iOS Buttons and Chatbox
*Optimization and bug fixes (use of arrays, points at tricxta)

Working On:
*Multiplayer with MySQL db & PHP or Node and Sockets. (Not going to use a host so that I can keep everything as made from scratch).
*Player Sprite for the Mining System.
*Array based Map (more efficient and will allow for the future creation of a Tile Editor with Drag/Drop functionally).

Side Notes:
*I hired a gfx to help make some Characters and GUIs. I’ll be adding them soon too.
*I’ll be building a quick website (probably using some shitty html template) to host some playable files and pictures very soon.
*I’ll be leaving to Scotland on Thursday for Spring Break so I might not update as frequently.

Oh and here’s a vid of the Mining so far, nothing too fancy:


Try to make resource gathering activities a minigame of sorts. You can use concepts like timing, randomness, reflexes, combos, puzzles even! But nothing should be so much of a bore as your mining at the moment haha :stuck_out_tongue:

Tricxta just called your unfinished game boring. Fight.

Well I wanted Mining to be equivalent to Farming in Graal. (A money making/time consuming thing). A mini game might work, but I want to have at least one activity that won’t require much attention on the users part and is very basic.
But yeah, I’ll get to that soon :slight_smile:

Klust Engine

Nah, he’s giving me good advice.
He told me to use arrays and keep things organized and I took his word for it and as a result, I trimmed my code in half and made things easier to manage with an Array map.

Now he’s telling me to pimp up my game’s activities, and I’ll roll with that too. I’d rather have someone tell me what to do straight up rather than sugar coat it. I take it that he cares about my project this way.

Klust Engine

The Engine has now been turned into an actual Game. There are about 20 staff members working on Graphics, Programming and Levels. The first demo release will be this Sunday. I’ll have a link posted it here when it’s done.
(It’ll be on the Web and a .exe)

I haven’t updated this thread because it’s been a hell of a week, Staff are running in every direction and our Forums are getting filled up with all kinds of junk!

Get ready :slight_smile: