Level-6 Boss from Zelda 3

Here it is. I can’t test it online. My net is still way too unstable to get Marduk up, but it works just fine offline.

Yes, I know I went overboard, but now it has graphics, music, some goodies to help before the fight, ect…

Just load eyeball-start.nw first if you want the goodies… because there’s no way out once the Eye sees you…

Oh, and if you think I went overboard, here’s some things that I almost did, but didn’t do because it was time for dinner:

  • better detail and color the images
  • Gani the eyeballs to bounce when they move
  • Fix the boss dying sound (it’s commented out right now) by ripping one from Zelda 3
  • tweak the movement system to only move when they bounce.
  • animate the slime, so eyes go partially submerged when not attacking, including the boss
  • Get a life (always a goal, but never an accomplishment =P)

semicolons are your friend O_o


Also that is a very simple NPC o_o

Something like this that actually works and is programmed for 1.39 would be really handy! =D

Otherwise… I can just tell it’s broked from the code.

Our clients are pretty capable, why are you sticking with 1.39? O_o

Offline saving! Show me some offline saving in your client and I will show you a full Graal: The Adventure levelpack port (consisting entirely of fixing up a few scripts to be slightly more optimized). Offline multiplayer is also preferred.

The point is, I’m not coding every npc so that is runs special on a server, and I’m sure as hell not trying to host the server myself, or owe anyone a favour for doing so.

I have a server where two people can ride a horse. Bam.

The reason I posted this thread was because I want to get this boss to WORK instead of being just buggy enough to murder the player without giving him a chance to fight fair. Only the most doggedly persistent players ever beat this monster, mostly because the hit detection favored the boss’s ability to hit the player instead of take damage.

Do you have any more files related to this script? Graphics mainly. I’m tempted to fix it, but it’s been so long since I even played Zelda 3, I can’t recall anything about this boss’ appearance or behavior. There’s flags in the script that aren’t set anywhere, so I assume there was some sort of control script as well, either on the level or part of the player’s system.

I’m sure I can get this working, I just want to avoid replaying Zelda 3 at the moment =P

Here’s the setup script for when the player enters the room.

if (playerenters) {timereverywhere;timeout=.05; ratcount=.1}

That’s really all there is. You don’t really need the images to work on this, it’s just two 64x64 images for the boss (one normal, one “shooting lightning”) and one 32x32 for the minions.

Thanks, and yeah, I know I can whip up my own images, but I was curious what this thing looked like… plus I’m lazy =P

Ah, I remember that boss now. Thanks. That’ll be a big help once I get off my arse and play with the script. But I just got home from work after assembling new, badly designed shelves with NO tools, and doing a survey of other bussinesses in the area… on foot, AS WELL as stocked previously mentioned crap shelves.

Thus, I’ll get to it eventually =P

Hey, this is really good! I’m definitely going to use this. Thanks!

I’ll probably use it for Marduk too, but I might change the boss from an eye to something else. I’m not sure yet. But I have this obsession where anything I work on, I -have- to use somewhere, lol. That’s part of why stuff I poured my creative heart and soul into back on Valikorlia will have a place on Marduk, lol. Mainly Empyria. It wasn’t the best of levels and scripts on Graal, but it was one of if not THE best on Val. I loved that nation and worked too hard to put it behind me XD

Damn sexy. I enjoyed owning your easy boss. I stood in one spot and slashed.

lol. Well, all I did was fix the script, and add some new stuff, like the main eye always looking at you, and the damage animation for the minions. It’s easy to make the boss harder

Uhm… Since you managed to do this boss, would it be possible to do the other Zelda 3 bosses if Zelda 3 was made into a pw? I know most of the overworld is done. I could maybe put a server up where people can contribute to remaking Zelda 3 in Graal. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I didn’t make the original, but the script is pretty simple and was easy to fix. Give me a task and I’ll do my best. No promises though, since I can only do offline testing at the moment, lol. A Zelda 3 PW would be fun though.

Oh, and I haven’t played Z3 in a long time, so if there’s other YouTube videos on the bosses, that’d help, lmao

is that jesse? from valikorlia? and im working on a ice fortress tileset as we speak, if this i a go, i will definently help out :open_mouth:

Yes. I was Jesse on Valikorlia. The longest running manager on that server without being fired/demoted by Global staff for not kissing ass, lol. I eventually jsut quit, because I was tired of the bull shoveled out to me by players and thier global buddies. I was tired of being threatened to my face in front of staff and players by globals for doing the stuff the globals told me to do in private