Level of the Week - Challenge #4

Welcome, one and all, to the new Level of the Week - Challenge #4!


The rules are simple. Anyone can submit an entry (one per person). Each week there will be a theme. A contestant will design a level based on the theme. When one week has passed (if we have less than five submissions after one week then we’ll extend it an extra few days. If we still don’t have five submissions we’ll just take the contestants that did submit, or extend more days.) we’ll have a poll and the community will decide what level is the best!
Last Challenge Winner: Spooon - Tribal Ceremony
This Week’s Theme: Dungeon Foyer (First level to a dungeon) Interior.



  • No restrictions on size
  • No restrictions on tileset
  • Must be Interior
  • No restrictions on NPC

Just a few reminders:

  • Post a picture of the level. No .nw file required.
  • Use ALT+1 or ALT+2 to take a picture of your level.
  • ALT+1 takes a picture of your level without HUD, ALT+2 takes a picture of your level with HUD.
  • Be creative!

Forgot. Sorry, Mollusk. :frowning:


I wish I had more graphics to use. I all have is stuff from Classic.

Edit- I used Classic’s tileset and the torch and door images are also from Classic.

C’mon, guys. Let’s get some submissions in.

Post that tileset and I’ll try to jazz it.

Never mind, I came up with an awesome dungeon idea… it is more about the idea than the quality of the level (my leveling sucks, everyone knows that).

You’re flying on the back of your bird over a huge tree when suddenly you’re hit by an arrow which paralyzes you and makes you fall off. Luckily and without really realizing what happened you appear at the bottom left of this level and try to get out of there. Turns out you are at the base of one of the big trees roots, that seems like a shrine. The place is inhabited by monkey-like locals who do not like strangers and who shoot paralyzing arrows before running at you, attacking you for the equivalent of a heart, then running away and shooting another arrow.

Items found in that dungeon are many, the rope with the grip: found in the foyer, permits you to move around the tree’s branches and roots.
The axe: opens new areas to you by cutting down roots and branches.
The book of Small : Written in a language you thought was only used in religious books, taught to you by your village’s ancient. It’s the “king item” of the dungeon. Is found in the shaman’s hut (that you build a way to get to by cutting branches). (the shaman is a miniboss of the dungeon) The book permits you to become smaller and enter those small doors you see. It’s the key to exiting the dungeon, since these small doors lead to a less central root that you’ll be able to climb and call your bird from.

I might realize this idea and beg someone to incorporate it to their server someday… I like it.

This is actually a really great challenge idea. I’m waiting for the rest of you all to produce some really interesting levels.[COLOR=“Silver”]

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In that tileset, are those castle wall tiles slightly different than in pics1?


Spooon, could you please post the tileset? I haven’t bothered going on Official after Stefan banned me.

Just what this contest needs: a bunch of levels that use the same tiles.

I might make something for this.

I’m doomed! D:

Not sure if this is Riley or Spooon

Build it and I’ll incorporate it anytime!


Wha? o.-

Me and Riley make a lot of alt accounts so people don’t know that we’re making stuff.

Nobody knows that anyway, though.

I dont get it

If we hope onto a server and ask if they’d like us to help them out everyone would know. A decent server randomly pops up and it’s not because of Spooon or Riley.[COLOR=“Silver”]

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Apparently Dylan does.

Haha, if I ever get through all the projects I have… I’m already buried… with spirituality as my main goal, which is a never ending project… but I randomly get through patches where it’s my only goal… I’m in one of those.