I’m splitting this from the other thread as they are unrelated. It’s not a bad start but still needs work. I’ll make a few minor changes to show you what I mean then I will let you finish updating it. The most glaring issue is the grass in the lower right hand corner. However the dirt path and water still needs some adjusting. We’ll work on it when I can speak to you directly about it.

im just no good at making random things like that…im too…organized at design.

It’s ok, it will get easier with practice.

The level has improved since the first version and the fixes are relatively minor and simple. Although they look like they’re pretty big.

Yeah, but why does it still look like some kind of mirror-world? :frowning:

I guess that became my style after a while…I started level making with Quake2.

It’s not. We have one town that’s going to be using a heavily modified lay out of one of the towns. Everything else is being done completely from scratch.

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Do me a favor Dontar hop on RC and upload the levels you’ve been working on to either the levels folder or the levels/test folder so I can take a look at them in a level editor.

sorry bout late reply, I didnt know I had RC access, since im still working on updating the first level, ill upload it to the test folder once im ready…im gonna try and make it look more…realistic, (aka how a normal area of a normal town would look) so it wont be so “Artistic” >_> sometimes im too blan in my creativity.

EDIT: i just downloaded new7 off the server and looked at in editor. I see how you mean…it does make it more easy to get a good looking dirt path. >_>

EDIT2: Ive gotten swcity.zinijh finished, I done all I could think of…>> its probably still too artsy but I cant help it…<< its uploaded to the test folder

Hot tip, remove the huge pool in the bottom left. You already have one of those in the top right :stuck_out_tongue: Plus it looks rediculous, also what’s with that random thing sticking into the top right pool?

its a pipe “pumping” water into the pond “aka man-made pond” I will remove the pool, any suggestions for its replacement?

Tables & Chairs if that’s meant to be a main area on your server.

um. this is just a town on Graal Reborn PW. its honestly ment to be the main entrance.

Here’s my tip. Start over.

Just make a new level. Start with trees and then add a house or two if you want. Then a path of some sort. Some tables and chairs. Then bushes and other stuff for detail.

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I personally love doing overworlds. I like doing the trees and cliffs. Houses are another thing… I’m better with outsides than insides. I’m not too good with the outsides of houses either. I’m more of a Classic-style guy.

Look at main enterance in other server dumps, they’ll help you immensly. I know Valk had some nice towns.

what is the .zinjih part of the file name? Is that supposed to be part of the file name? Because as an extension I don’t recognize it and prefer not to open anything with an extension that I don’t recognize.

It’s a .graal file named .zinijh to define which town it’s apart of.

yea, its the extension theme Cadavre came up with, for a town named zinijh it would by level.zinijh, or for example a town called Peterville, the levels would be level.peterville

sounds simple to me, as in if you have a shitload of levels in one folder for MANY towns, having each town have its own extension would make finding levels for that town among hundreds or thousands of other levels easyer…

On Classic we use classic_city.nw

Like classic_eternia01.nw

This is a old system we used on 1.39, I don’t know why we did it like that, but I think it was because folders was broken on the server we used back then. And since windows has sort by extension it was the easiest way to go.

No worries, we’re not going to use that system anymore.

we have a full generated overworld and we replace pieces of it. :slight_smile:

> so I need to redo the links and resave em with nw extension <<