Making some progress...

Updated: Added spritesheet.

Pretty tough doing other directions lol. Sort of experimenting, using a lot of info from that skeleton reference (but side view) and a lot of back and forth between layers.
Thought I would post in here, so I don’t spam up Rammy’s thread with graphics crap.

Also, I updated the face a lot on the character. He looks less pissed off now :slight_smile:

Really looks a lot like a man baby when he’s naked lol.

Still working on it. Legs are pretty derpy lol. This might take a long ass time.

The side version looks great!

Modified a fair bit. Namely the front face, side legs, and abdomen.

Completed the back. Probably have a few more things to fix up before I go and attempt to animate them walking >.> that’s going to be time consuming and very difficult. I’m not the best animator and I sure as heck have never tried anything this advanced.

Buns of steel!

Did a fast animation because it reminded me of old school teleporting in graal XD

I wish pyxel edit had layer groups >.> I think there’s about 25-30 layers in use now.

Mo’ progress. Started animating the front walk cycle, seeing as it seemed the easiest. Hah!

Only spent like 30-45 minutes on this and it’s still rough and the arms don’t move yet.

Looking good! A couple of things I noticed: the eyes are seemingly very close together and narrow in comparison to the very broad nose. The arms on the side profile look like they are bent upwards as opposed to the up / down sprites arms appear to be turned downwards. The eat shit grin on the face and upturned eyebrows make him look way too happy. Lastly the walking animation is super fruity and I think it may have something to do with the round belly and skinny legs ( and aforementioned grin). The leg animation is great but with that torso something is off like he’s shashaying his hips skipping through a field of daisies. Take my crit with a grain of salt I know how tedious this whole buisness is and I am also aware it is a WIP just sharing my thoughts.

tbh, this is looking good but I believe something more basic would be both easier to make and more in the mood of a Graal-like.
It’s rammy’s game tho.

I totally agree, [USER=“470”]Chicken[/USER]'s work is amazing as always but I had originally envisioned something more graal/zelda-esque. I kind of like the current head graphic that we have but the body obviously needs to be changed… Chicken, maybe that is something you could work on?

I dunno lol.

Old post: All good. I’ll probably continue with this for something else and see about maybe figuring something out for more of a zelda style. I did initially start off like that, but it quickly went elsewhere. It’s hard to get a Zelda feel without directly copying other peoples work :X which is the main issue.

He’s so happy, as he is off to the candy store. You can tell by the walk and that he forgot his clothing.

[USER=“470”]Chicken[/USER] That doesn’t look too bad! Maybe try blue instead of green (same or a lighter blue as the current body has) and then arch the arms inward a bit. I like the belt and shape a lot.

That’s really nice, magnified he looks a bit tubular and I’m not sure about the gap between his body and his arms but that’s very close to what I had in mind.

(Nothing wrong with it looking tubular.)

A few different versions. He got a bit chubby when I changed the arms because less of the silhouette is shown off.
The arms in the original would probably be decent for a neutral idle pose and then these ones might be good for a animation frame for when he’s walking or the same, your call.

Looks like he’s holding something, #3 is best but I prefer the green guy’s arms.
Yes, definitely this one for animation and the other’s for idle. One arm at a time. I like it, it was a pleasant surprise.

How’s that. Changed the shading a bit, modified the outline, changed the arms, changed some of the line art/aa on the inside and add a bit of pizazz.

That is awesome, looks like the way to go.

I was wondering if you could create a naked or pants/shirt variant of that body under a public domain or creative commons license for the rest of the community to use on their projects because that looks pretty awesome.

Probably can. I will probably animate it like that and then add the clothing back onto the base. Probably look a tad odd with just the tunic shape lol, but I will sort something out.

Took me ages to do as the proportions of the character are weird. It still looks a bit odd, but I didn’t want to dramatically change the shape of the sprite to be honest. It’s probably not a great naked sprite, but it should do well enough as a base for dolling.

If that’s suitable, I will try and get to doing the other directions this week or animating the front sprite. Unsure as to which lol. Been a tad busy as of late. Well, not busy, but occupied.