Making some progress...


Another edit. Also, let me know if I post updates on this to much >.> I’ll probably slow down with them now as I think it’s in a state where I can continue on and shouldn’t need more input. Unless people say otherwise XD

Small animation showing the kinda new(er) body shape and arms.


Looks great. I think the closing/darkening of the gap between the arms made it look at lot better instead of like stiff spaghetti arms that appeared cartoony or disproportionate to the body. So far looks like a great doll sprite, especially from a distance, personally can’t think of any other changes that should be made from the front.


The style is meant to be disproportional , with large heads.

I made a quick photoshop to see if I could make the legs less bulky, the two middle ones were modified.


Made a little bit of progress with animating. I decided to skip doing the naked body for the moment as it was posing somewhat a problem for animating. I will revisit later on.

Still a WIP, arms need doing and then some more touch up work perhaps.

I think I need to change the highlight a bit more to match the foot movement also.


It looks a bit like he’s shimmying back and forth rather than walking. Normally feet move forward and back rather than outside-in and inside-out. Just my thoughts. I’ve always been bad at this type of stuff though…


Looks like you took a preceding version. This one has the gaps between his body and arms.


Yeah as much as I kind of like that one, because it makes him appear more fit / muscular like a soldier as opposed to sort of a Graal-like baby-body when the arms are closer (though not really on the clothed gapless one, only the naked doll), but I also feel like the gap between the arms makes the pose look more monkey/ape-like, or cartoony spaghetti arms, especially when naked, like being permanently stuck in a football player pose with pads, which I feel looks more unnatural and less relaxed like than how a normal person would stand which I feel the gapless one is closer to. Just my opinion.


Just a mistake adding in the wrong part and I haven’t done the arms yet, as I said.


Still working on the arms and such. Been going slowly as I have been doing other things and keep coming back to this.


That’s sexy!


I second


this looks fantastic, it’s so smooth


Certainly a far cry from this ugly mess that no one ever fixed after like 20 years:


Tried to integrate it in my “glorious” WebGL implementation to see what it’d look like moving…
What am I saying, glorious, more like patchy and broken X_X.


and this for giggles XD this is effectively just my testing bed type thing from some tutorials I was reading. It was initially just a object bouncing around the screen XD now it’s moonwalking.


Ah, cool tnx.


Still working on this. Gotta sort out the feet and then go over it again and try make everything fit a little nicer. That being said it could be the head throwing things off a bit. I had to crop a bit of it off.


Still working on a lot of it, this is still a rough copy. I need to put in one or two more frames in to smooth it out a bit, but it’s getting there. Proving to be more difficult. It ma be possible I have to start the walk cycle over again from scratch, but I’ll have to wait and see.


maybe keep his arms bent since he’s doing so when facing down?
Otherwise, it looked weird at first but I got used to it pretty quick and I like it.
Also, yes, I can see a couple more frames could be added when thee arm is coming back to front.


Side view animations are proving to be much more difficult. Bah! Been busy the past week, but plan to continue working on it >.>

Still a work in progress. Gotta change the arm timings and feet some more. Probably have to completely redo it again, but it’s all practice. So, I don’t mind.

Should revert the forums before you added this stuff bellow. It makes editing a pain in the ass.