Minecraft Server

I’ve got on up if anyone is interested in playing. It’s whitelist though, so just send me your username and I’ll give you the IP.

Edit: Also it’s survival. Just don’t be a dick or grief shit and you’re fine.

Oh fuck yeah.

Added. Also it seems like the URL for profiles is incorrect when you click on somebody.

Only for last post lol yay

okay who wants to team up and be a minecraft couple?

You and Oni should. Also, you should join, hosler.

pls guys I am lonely if you play come to my village
I put beacons leading from spawn to it

Nice village FAG

MonsterSpooon. Maybe I’ll play.

is the depth effect always that weird on minecraft?.. it’s like everything is through a fish eye lens.

I play on high FOV

haha I didn’t play because I forgot

Come grief my house Spooon


I’ve started learning the Japanese “alphabet” lately and I wonder why they combine katakana characters with hiragana characters… don’t they both have the same use?


Basically they could be compared to italics or uppercase and lowercase. Hiragana is the regular alphabet that accompanies the more complex Kanji letters, in advanced writing you’ll see mostly Kanji and just a bit of Hiragana for grammatical purposes at the ends of verbs and connecting things, as almost everything written in Hiragana can be represented with Kanji. Katakana exactly the same as Hiragana, it’s just different because it has a special use. It is for foreign/loan words, but you will often see it used to emphasis words, so what may have been written in Kanji or Hiragana can be written in Katakana to add meaning to it or make it look cooler, it’s also used for onomatopoeia.

ex. この奴がすげぇな
ex. このやつがスゲェな
both the same sentences but the bottom is more colloquial looking

As of now i know more about the japanese alphabet than i ever thought possible for me.

this is how much I know

the ones with a black dot over them?


Which one is your favorite