My kindle

im talking about backlights burning holes in your eyes. kindles dont use backlights.

You can adjust that too…even turning it off…

Edit: I can tell something that sucks ass, the browser itself.

i guess im a damn sucker for getting this kindle then, huh?

Better than a boot to the head.

if only i had the extra 400 dollars to get that sweet ipod touch.

well you have free 3G right that’s not too bad

I wanted an 800+ dollar laptop honestly but I settled for the 399.99 ipod touch like a white trailer trash kid

I’m such a furry tumblr twitter faggot now damnit

Glad when I bought mine, it was on sale for $150 for the 8gb or whatever one.

Yeah but the 8GB one felt cramped when I played with a friend’s 2/3rd generation (I forget)

So I went extreme and got 64 GB, that way I’ll never have regrets about not having gotten more space.

But with things like AudioGalaxy and internet radio, I feel like now I’ll never fill up that much space with music purely. Especially when I’m picky about my collection.

I’m considering a Rhapsody subscription so I can have lots more selection.

I can’t jailbreak until the iPhone dev team finishes working on the new untethered 4.2.1 and gets it out of beta and cross platform.

And I don’t know if I want to do that or not.

But I do want the CopyTrans Suite items, a few of them because…

My god I am not compatible mentally with iTunes at all

And yes Beholder I know I’m herping the derp again on this post im stoned shush


come to graal reborn

where the derps are nicer
the derps are nicer

I went for the $50 laptop on ebay and here I am now lol. I reformatted it added some ram and a new hard drive, it’s not all that bad.