Need good new anime to watch

I’m tired of hearing faggots going NARUTO,BLEACH,DEATHNOTE,ECTECT.

*bleach is ok.

Got any good ones?

Bible Black

.hack//SIGN and .hack//ROOTS :smiley:

is Full Metal Alchemist considered an anime? there is also Inuyasha.

if you dont mind non-english language with english subtitles, theres Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin, and Ginga Densetsu Weed, also The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (last I heard there is a group working on an EngDub version)

all the episodes of those last 3 anime’s are on youtube

I also liked the GadGuard show on G4TV’s anime block, also Trigun (I had downloaded all the episodes a few years ago, but deleted em due to needing free space on computer)

Syfy (Scifi renamed channel for some stupid reason) has an Anime block on mondays called Animonday (starts monday at midnight)

hentai o_O

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Yes fma is an anime and i just wanna say thank you for your help i will look into some of these :slight_smile: and
i gave up on inuyasha after like ep 89 but i did see all the movies… and ass for dub vs sub deosnt matter to me :slight_smile:

and .hack//sign = love

I thought Eden of The East was pretty cool (most recent Anime i’ve watched)

Samurai Champloo, Cowboy Bebop & Trigun are a must if you haven’t seen them yet.

Air Gear

Fucking love that show.
Besides that, I’m watching soul eater now.

Strike Witches lol

Black*Star is freaking awesome

Hah, Black★Star
You certainly become a fanboy of whatever you’re watching though. Heaven help you if you watch two things at once.

Yes I have. Black★Star is awesome to me cause he is a assassin that speaks out loud and to get by on his small size he calls everyone he fights smaller than him and makes himself big. He also comes out of nowhere and deals a killer blow to the enemy.

I can name some stupid animes I’ve watched. o.o

Sailor Moon was stupid

last time I watched Sailor Moon was when I was 9 or 10…

Never was attracted to that Sailor Moon

Translation: Her friends were hotter.

Chibi Moon

I read no other posts so I’ll throw “Gintama” in the mix. :smiley: It … has … action eventually. lol
Fairy Tail is a good new anime.

Desert Punk