New Horses... Whaddaya think?

As we’ve expressed before, Mol and I hate (I mean, really hate) these guys… We even decided that if we couldn’t find better horses, our playerworld would just not have horses.

So we looked around and couldn’t find anything that we liked. At all. Long story short, I had a friend of mine draw up a sprite sheet for a horse on top of ride.png. He sent it to me, I dumbed it down a bit (so it’d look decent on graal), moved stuff around to match the ganis, and made a couple of simple recolors. Here’s what we came up with.

Now, we’ve got full sprite sheets and everything, but I thought I’d just post a little preview. What do you guys think?

*New and updated. Front leg bend reduced.

I did a couple more recolors, just for the hell of it. No idea whether or not we’ll use all of these colors, but I think they look nice. As far as the first set goes, we clearly have a palomino, a white horse, and a black horse. Here I did recolors for a dun horse, bay horse. Eh?

Recolored the palomino slightly, to look more like a palomino. Contrast with the first horse in the bendy legs image. I think I like the new one better.

Redid the spritesheets with Shiny’s advice in mind; Shortened snout, added color depth to tail and mane, and did some anti-aliasing. I really hope this is the final version of these guys.

they look ok other thaaan they look more like ponies, they should be abit bigger, andd if thats the idle pose, the front legs are too bent, they should be just as straight as the back ones

Bigger? I don’t really know what you mean. Certain proportions have to be kept in order for the horse to work correctly with ride.gani. I guess I wasn’t asking “is this a perfect drawing of a horse?” but more like “is this horse sprite something that will look decent with graal?”

I rekon it looks good, I would prefer to see those new horses rather than those old boring ones. More change from the default images means more interest so im liking this a shit load lol


Front legs are too bent, but they’re cute.

Edited original post with a new, less bendy front legs version. Any better?

I never did like the default ride.png

could never tell if the things on their head were horns or just their ears

Much better.

those are awesome! way better than the original horses that look like retarded dragons…

those are really nice.
you going to do all the views so they can be put in game?

I appreciate your comments. The sprite sheets are already done, and the horses look good in game =)

We also decided not to use a custom gani so as to make it easier for people to use after we release the sprite sheets.

Just make them the new ride1.png. >:|

We’re not overwriting any images. But they are interchangeable.

I know you arn’t. Just make them GraalReborn’s new ride1 god damn, those things are f*cking ugly. I’ve seen them for years. It’s time for a change for the better. I don’t know about you guys, but I am permanently overwriting my GR Ride1 with this one.

No, don’t rewrite anything.

Honestly, Rone, these images are very nice. I was about to start working on some new horses yesterday until I saw this today. These are very well done, I think they’ll make great addition to Graal Reborn’s content.

Thanks guys! They’ll essentially be free to use when they come out with the release of Mol and my playerworld. No ETA on that though. It’s a big fat project for two people.

ETA For Rone and Mol’s Playerworld:

3843 years
at this rate…