Nostalgia? I dunno

I was compelled to make a level. I am not to sure why, but whatever. It has been like 5-6 years since I have made a Graal level :X

Nice stuff, I love classic levels

I prefer the other set of grass paths but there is nothing wrong with the tiles you’re using, it’s a wonderful level

man part of what makes classic graal what it is are those absolutely ridiculous shiny trees. If anyone ever succeeds at making a proper attempt at remaking the game, make sure those are in it.

Thanks. I agree that the old tileset is integral to that classic Graal experience. I went back to using it at the end of my Graal “career” and to a more simple and uncluttered level design.

I honestly almost wouldn’t mind making a new server, classic style/link to the past, sort of. It would be a lot easier for me now days, considering all my damn time spent on FTO and how diverse my skill set is now.

I used to be obsessed with the shitty newer tiles and made my own custom mismatched hellish vomit colored set initially. now I’ve been using a slight edit of classic tiles for years, classic tiles are the bomb.
I would love to see another classic server, but it always seems to never work when an individual starts a project, just too much work.

I thought this thread was going to be about whether or not Graal was actually shit and whether it’s just nostalgia from the title.

asjdhbajsdbasdasd map

That is looking really nice

Chicken has received an award “Most Work Done This Month”!

Hey thats not fair. My work load directly correlates with the list server going down and it went down a lot. Ill let you imagine which caused the other, but i still deserve that badge.

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Yeah he has the most visually representable work maybe.

You making me feel like playing graal again. X_x

Sorry :X I have just been looking for something to do and thought that I would do some levels.

Show them exodus

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I actually managed to find it in my emails, but I think it is missing a lot of inside levels and the tileset is missing a lot of pieces.

I like it, it has a good clean smooth look and is aesthetically pleasing. I prefer levels like this and others in the style of Zelda and other SNES RPGs and late 90’s early 2000’s classic graal. It looks good and feels great.

I’d really want to develop on Graal. Sadly bills do not get paid on their own. Responsibilities everywhere…

Added in some of my older levels I dug up on the forums into the southern area and finished the NE mountain.

I go crazy if I don’t do something in development. I’m either messing around in 3D modeling stuff or hammer editor, but I don’t work anymore. So, I got time to do it.

Not to derail but a lot of projects surrounding graal are completely voluntary. Nobody here is getting paid, at least.

Or are they
Hosler are you hiding something
speak fool

A few tile errors to the West because it was using a different tileset. The one I am using now is just the ce_pics one. So, still gotta fix some shizz up and add a few missing tiles to it. East is a new level in first screenshot.

The first one is just “The Bomy Hotel” And second is a church, obviously. I’ve been either basing the levels off of themes, quests or general ideas in my head. Not necessarily doing anything with said ideas, but helps me make levels lol.