Now that that account on GO is globally banned forever...

I’ll tell you what the account I used to use was! It was Umat and I often went on as Cadavre or Youmat. Not because I was evading my global ban of my previous accounts malle and gregarius (nor using my cadavre nick), but I got banned because somehow Downsider and I “accidentally” had the same computer id. lol

I got plenty more classic accounts for research though. =)

“Downsider ban evasion, lift ban NEVER!” Ban expiry: Never

o.o I wouldn’t log on with that ID anymore, you could get the other accounts banned. :open_mouth:

Captain Hindsight will be following that tragedy.

Dynamic IP + Mac Spoofer FTW

I don’t think I ever logged into your account. We probably shared the same PCID from using the same config file at one point, though. Are they so dense that they don’t realize that I’ve logged in under thousands of different PCID’s and one of them might just randomly match? heh.

Stop abusing my stuff you butts.

but there’s so much to learn nalin, so much to learn

and so many era nublets to cream? :stuck_out_tongue:

Lolz. Reverse engineering is fun!

I doubt learning how many accounts you can get banned is useful knowledge.

Not My fault that downsider hacked and i accidentally random generated the same pcid

If I get banned I’ll be so pissed. I’ll have to ask Bell to unban me again.

Wish i had a cool classic account like all yalls,too bad i cant join in all the riendeer games. p.s. Gllt dont send me that reindeer shit my eyeballs are still bleeding.

thanks i should post that pic on my tumblr again

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm rudolph is one sexy beast

oh lord, I hope he doesn’t get confused while doing his drugs and posts it on Misc, instead of tumblr.

How in hell do you have, more classic accounts? For all the time I have worked on GO projects, I have only used 1 account

I got my way around things.

Stop trying to ask like you have any kind of experience in–what I’ll call–“matters of Graal.”

You’re ignorant, arrogant and absolutely pompous; more than half of what you say being either partly true or a lie. You try to act intellegent and think you have some kind of higher authority over others, but it will never hide the fact that you’re a thirteen year old kid whom feels empowered by the anonymity of the the internet while being hidden safely at home behind a computer monitor.

How you acted when you first joined Graal Reborn is completely contrary to how you portray yourself now. You are fake; a menace to this community, and do not deserve any sort of friendliness from any member of Graal Reborn.