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which domains are expiring? you never even asked me for money… wtf :frowning:

We’re still $5 short and it appears that graalreborn.net will expire soon too. I’ll be happy for more donations so we can keep this site up as long as it takes. Remember that we’re doing this completely free for you. I personally have paid for all the domains since we started this project. No joke.

I’ve had plans to drop $5 for everyone. But, I’m waiting on the Navy to deposit my fiancee’s first check. It could be here tomorrow, the 15th or the end of the month. They’re giving us a bit of a run-around with it.

Okay, that would be very much appreciated. :slight_smile:

What’s your deadline? I’ll see what I can do to get it faster.

37 days, so no real hurry, I just want to have this done before I forget to do it.


I been going to graal.in

ya. We have more than one domain. :stuck_out_tongue:

I prefer graal.in

Didn’t we used to own one of the .com domains?

It’s shorter maybe? :smiley: graal.cc is Cuban’s donation.

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we owned graalonline.org but Jellyfish sold it to Unixmad.

Da, Easyer to remember graal.in and faster to type in

Its also a bastard to log yourself out afterwards into another account Lol

I used Graal.in for a long time, myself. But graalreborn.net sounds more pleasant, to me. That stigma with popular domain extensions.

I finally got a job, today. So, I’ll get a paycheck in about 2 weeks. I’ll drop about $10 when it comes in.


I wish you had added a button somewhere for the donation, I didn’t notice this topic until today. (I got bored and went to www.graalreborn.net and was browsing the site pages.)

I usually just go to http://forums.graalreborn.net/forums/index.php, or http://forums.graal.in/forums/index.php.

So I don’t know if I was late or anything, I hope my donation is of at least some help.
Sorry about that Cadavre.

I never read in the General Forum area most of the time. . . usually when I see new topics, I just hit “Mark forums read”. lol

lol, there’s a rss-newsfeed you can add. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, the last time I actually used one of those was . . . never. lol

lol I’ll probably donate more later. Glad it helps a little though. lol

$30 is big help. :smiley:

Bout 15 minutes on the street should be able to bring that in