Phoenix jobs

[CENTER]Phoenix Jobs


Hello all! As times goes on we are going to be filling you in on certain aspects of Phoenix. As a way to soak it all up we will release a little bit at a time.

The jobs available throughout phoenix are as follows:

  • Berry Picking
  • Mining
  • Cotton Picking
  • Tree cutting
  • Fishing
  • Berry Picking

[INDENT=2]Berry Picking has no initial investment, except for some time. You’ll only need the very first quest item, the Running Boots, to be able to pick berries (or rather knock down the berries). Once you run into a tree it’ll knock down the berries (it can take 1-3 tackles to knock the berries down) and trigger a mini-game where you must catch as many berries as you can. The game starts out with slow falling berries, but as the time goes on more and more will fall. After you miss 100 berries the game ends. You can sell the berries to a local merchant.

Since the berries have no initial investment they don’t sell for very much and they are rather frustrating to get. After a berry tree has been tackled it won’t produce berries for 15 mins. This is server wide. So, no matter who gets the berries the tree is still dry until the 15mins is up. There are/will be several trees around the map. Although it’ll take some time to learn where they all are!

So, that is berry picking! Pretty simple and easy stuff. Thanks everyone![/INDENT]

jobs are boring

Aw man where is Caleb when you need him

also, my Osu skills are totally going to go to use on that berry picking job. Weee~

Jobs ARE indeed boring. We are going to try to make them less boring, but they’ll still touched with boredom.

The way I see it, though, is that I’ve seen plenty of people who are willing to grind just to collect rare/sweet drops (read: most MMO’s) and that’s simply most of the “game”. That is, to run through dungeons and be denied a rare drop time and time again (YOU ARE HAVING FUN). That concept is not much different than a job and will certainly not make up the bulk of our game. What I mean, is that jobs are grind like and there is a payoff, monetary or otherwise. So, although jobs are boring they make up only (roughly) 1/3 of what Phoenix has/will have to offer.


make it so a rare berry is given every 0…01% on completion of the minigame. Those who get it are automatically given a special title on the server “Master of the Berry.”


We do very much intend on having multiple reasons to do jobs. They’ll mostly for monetary gain, but also for rare items and other things for the completionists among us.

That game looks like a waste of time.

Good idea. I’ll do that some time soon.

yeah the only thing that seemed like a problem is that it didn’t seem really smooth. Must just be a Graal thing though.

just don’t do a damage system to it like they are trying to do on sl . nobody wants to run around fixing their basket all the damn time or making new tools .

I think the video was bit jumpy. It works pretty smoothly in game. As well as anything in Graal works, you know?

Agreed. Nothing like that. It’s, as well as the other jobs, intended to be pretty simple and straight-forward.

We’ve started working on the mining system. It’s not quite refined enough to show you anything more than a few snap shots. The mines have a certain style of leveling. Since all the mines will be built into the northern mountain we wanted to incorporate some snow. The mines will look something like this:

As for the actual mining mechanics we’ll explain those later once we have it worked out a bit more, but so far it looks like this:

It’s time once again to show a little of what we have been working on: Fishing.

This job shouldn’t be shocking to Graalians. Most player-worlds I’ve seen have it, but we do it slightly different, as Riley so aptly pointed out, DDR fishing! Joking aside, the fishing works like this:


You can upgrade your rod to extend the casting length of the rod. You can also upgrade your lures which affects the range a fish can bite the lure. We’ve also made it so the further through the game you are the more fishing spots that will be open to you. So, a more dedicated player will have access to better fishing spots, if you can find them!

Comments and constructive criticisms are welcome.


i can’t wait to play it.

is it based on a rhythm, or are you slow at input on purpose?

I was thinking.

I think Tric was just on the cusp :slight_smile:

The system works so if you take too much time you’ll miss the fish.

Also, teh bigger the fish, the more keys need pressed AND the less time you have to press each one. Tric was just dealing with tiny fish in that video.

not my chair not my problem